Birthday Girl.

my girlThis sweet princess of mine has been counting down days for many long weeks, and finally in the beginning of this week, – her seventh birthday came around!

And as she woke up in the morning, this is what she saw above her bed…

balloons….and I was smiling to myself in my own bed, as I heard her waking up and rejoicing over the balloons and over the fact that it finally was her birthday! (Within fifteen minutes she already told me this is her best birthday ever… ;))

The fun thing with having your birthday during a holiday, is that you get to spend the whole day at home and helping to get everything ready. Oh, what excitement! The gift-bags for her guests she put together the day before already, so on the day itself she focused mostly on the setting of the table and decorating it, while I put the cake together. We prepared games, set up a detailed program and she put on the dress she had chosen and put out already a week earlier!

birthday cake

Her guests arrived, and with them a noise-level that is hard to imagine before you have experienced it… But really, they were just all very happy and excited and full of energy! So, – as long as everyone was having a good time, and no one got hurt in a any way, I tried to just go with the flow, even if we didn’t really stick with the said program… And my princess, – she totally loved the whole thing!

blowing out the candles

One of the activities that we had great success with, and that I am recommending to anyone looking for ideas, is to make edible necklaces. I provided them with candy and snacks with a whole in them, and the children would thread them through and end up with a fun edible necklace! (I got this idea from a blog called, and she has many other good ideas over there as well.)

necklace making

I am thankful it all went well, happy that the birthday girl is happy, and in a way relieved that we have about eleven months till we start the countdown once again… 😉


3 thoughts on “Birthday Girl.

  1. Happy birthday to her. It looks like it was a very colorful event!

  2. hollykaann says:

    Well, Happy Birthday from Texas! May her year be blessed and may there be many more!

  3. Faster says:

    For ein minnerik dag for alle!! 🙂 kjempekjekt å sjå dei flotte bileta og lesa at alt gjekk så flott
    Klem frå snølandet ( eg har nettopp vore ute og brøyta etter at Ståle tok mesteparten… )

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