One day in New York.

We flew over from San Francisco to New York, and had an evening with family there, then one full day of seeing the city, and then we left for Connecticut the following day. So, – here are some things we did on that one full day.

First Subway stop was China Town…

China Town New York

The kids got fun signs for their doors. They chose the theme of their poster, and then the artist wrote their names on them right there. Fun!

Then we took the Subway to Times Square. What a New York place!! You just look up at all these tall buildings with huge screens on them! It is such a non stop kind of place!

Times Square

We visited the huge toy-store there, with the Ferris-wheel inside of it!!! And look who we met outside the shop:

Toys R Us at Times Square

We had lunch at a place where they sold pizza for a dollar a slice… Just perfect! ๐Ÿ™‚


A highlight for our baseball-boy was to visit the Yankees Store, of course. We all got new baseball-caps! ๐Ÿ™‚


And our Hello Kittyย girl loved to visit a Hello Kitty store:

Hello Kitty

We took a trip on the Staten Island Ferry (*which by the way is free!).

Staten Island FerryGot to take a look at the Statue of Liberty.

on the Staten Island Ferry

Later we went to Ground Zero, saw the Freedom Tower and went shopping at Century 21. Afterwards we picked up various take-away-foods, and sat out on the Brooklyn Bridge and had dinner watching the view of the skyline of New York by night.

New York by night

We will come back to New York again at the end of our trip in the States, but then it will just be the children and me, so it was nice to cover the basics when we still had our Abba with us. He loves New York, and it is really nice to tour a city with someone who has that type of relationship to the place. I cannot say that I feel the same way about the city, but somehow being there with him, gives me a certain excitement about the place as well! ๐Ÿ™‚


San Francisco!

So, after driving up the coast from Los Angeles, after two days, we made it to San Francisco. The very first evening we were there, we went out to see the sunset by the famous Golden Gate bridge. We had heard it is often very foggy in this area of the world, but we were blessed with very clear days, – although it felt very cold to us.



And we felt very welcome there!


The following morning, we headed straight for the California Science Museum. And what a great place! If any of my readers are ever in the area of San Francisco, – this is a place I am recommending to go see! We were able to go to two Planetarium Shows, – and wow, what great learning experiences! One was all about earthquakes, and one was about space and the galaxies and all that.

California Science Museum

This place also had a rainforest and an aquarium!

California Science Museum

We could have spent sooo much longer there!

space ice cream

Our son purchased an ice-cream made for being eaten in spaceships…

eating space ice cream

And yes, it tasted like ice cream…

Our daughter got a Penguin Imma and baby, whom she has named Pima and Puma…

Becca and Savta

After some fun hours at the museum, we went to visit wonderful friends from Israel who are now living in San Francisco, working at Pixar, which gave us entrance to Pixar.

friends at Pixar

We got a tour of the place, the day before the movie Monsters University came out.

Monsters University

From here we headed straight to China Town. No one is wasting any time when you only have a couple of days in a city with tons of stuff to do and see…

china town

And of course, one of the things San Francisco is most famous for, is its Cable Cars that climb those amazingly steep hills. So here we are waiting for one of those:

cable car in San Francisco

And here I am hanging off of one of them…

San FranciscoIt fascinates me to think of the fact that a modern city like San Francisco chose to keep these old trolleys for their transportation, while an ancient city like Jerusalem has decided to put in a very modern light rail system!



One of the high-lights of my time in San Francisco was running a half marathon with the love of my life! What a way to see a city!

California Coast Road Trip!

In the planning of this trip to California, we have enjoyed studying the maps and guidebooks, because not only were we going to LA, – we were planning a road trip up the coast all the way to San Francisco! This was Saba’s (Grandpa’s) idea, and we are all very thankful to him!

Our car/bus parked outside our house in LA. Notice the impressive Palm Trees!

Our car/bus parked outside our house in LA. Notice the impressive Palm Trees!

The choosing of a car was also part of the planning. Six people, at least six suitcases… it would not fit in any regular size car or van. Savta (Grandma) insisted on us doing the trip in one car, – because we are doing it together, aren’t we?

So… this is what we ended up with:

road trip

Yes, it is a 15 (!) seater bus! We had some good laughs over that one!

Off we went. We chose the coastal road and enjoyed views like these along the way:

California Coast

Isn’t it just BEAUTIFUL? Or how about this, further up the coast?

California Coast

It was interesting to note the changes along the coast. The trees, the cliffs, the temperatures, everything!

California Coast

God’s Creation is just amazing, isn’t it??

California Coast

And it was so much fun to do the trip together as a family.

FamilyThree generations even.

Three generations

We made memories that will last a lifetime!

Becca and Saba

We stopped in Morro Bay and looked at the rock. We enjoyed a nice meal (FRESH fish for those of us who enjoy that!) with this view:

Morro Bay

We stayed overnight in Monterey. And in the morning, my love and I enjoyed a lovely run in the city, on the beach and along the dock. There really is no better way to see a new place!

Monterey Run

After a nice Motel Breakfast, we went to the Monterey Aquarium, which was enjoyed by all.


It always amazes me the combination of fish that they can put in one and the same tank in an aquarium!


How fun to do all these things as a three generations family!


And look who we stopped to say hello to on the way up the coast:

Sea elephants

They are called Sea Elephants. And there are lots and lots of them!

Sea elephants

We saw Sea Lions when we went kayaking in LA too, and to be honest I think they look pretty much the same. But anyway, they are some sort of seal.

We enjoyed driving through the Big Sur area. Again, – very impressive!

Big Sur

And later we stopped to go for a short hike in the Redwoods.


WOW! Those are impressive trees! Some of them are as old as two thousand years old!

redwoods trunk

Quite some trunks!!!

redwood trunk

There was no way we could reach around it, even together!

redwood trunks

We got so many varied experiences. And it all passed by sooo fast… I am glad I have the photos, and am VERY thankful for the wonderful memories!

redwoods family photo

I just LOVE the ocean!

california coast

And I LOVE my family!


I am VERY blessed!!

Disney Land!!!

As soon as we knew we were going to Los Angeles, the question of Disney Land came up. Naturally. As we are traveling with a seven year old and a nine year old. And it soon became clear that it would be very hard not to include it in our plans.

Disney Land

However, our time in LA was short, and all we could spare for Disney Land was one day. As we started looking into it, we soon realized that there areeven two parks now. Disneyย California Adventure Park and Disney Land. Each of them a huge adventure park with activities enough for several days. So…. in the end…. we decided to do them both in one day! And what a day it was!!!

Disney LandIt was a day with highs and lows. One of the lows being getting ready to pay for the whole thing… another one being a moment of winy kids and thinking that this is what we just spent a little fortune for!! But really, there were plenty of highs to make up for it! Our prince telling us this must be the funnest place on earth, was one of them! And really, the whole place is pretty magical! The imagination and the fantasy it must have taken to come up with it all, and make this fairytale place a reality for kids to come to experience! It certainly is something that makes a huge impression that we will always remember.

Here is our son in front of Flo’s Cafe. Car’s Land was one of the main reasons for us to get a combination ticket that also included California Adventure Park.

Cars LandHere we are meeting up with Lightning Mc Queen, the star of the show. He was driving along, talking with people. It was pretty cool after having watched his movies numerous times, to finally “meet” him! Later our prince even got to go racing with him!

Car's LandOur daughter loved being able to go in to Minnie Mouse‘s house. And here is a photo of her in Minnie’s garden:

Disney LandWe did our share of rides. Fun stuff, for those who like that type of thing… Here are the boys in our family in a roller coaster that took them for a ride upside down…

California Adventure ParkSome of the absolute highlights for me were the shows in the evening. First the fireworks in Disney Land. It is definitely the most impressive fireworks I have seen in my life! And combined with music and story telling, it was really magical!

Disney LandThen there was the water show in California Adventure Park (*Another bonus of the combination ticket). It was really amazing. They were even screening short film clips on a screen of water!!! The combination of light, water and music was breathtaking!

California Adventure ParkWe don’t know if we will ever be back in this area of the world, so we are glad we made the most of our time, and even did both parks in a day. It is doable, you just have to realize you are not going to be able to do it all.

Disney LandEnjoy what you do, and take it all in, – and sleep in the car on the way home!

An amazing LA Wedding.

Almost a week has passed since we were at the fanciest wedding I have ever been at, and probably ever will be at. My husband’s little brother gave me a wonderful new sister in law, and we are all very happy for them!

They had chosen an absolutely amazing location for their wedding. It was held at the Bel Air Bay Club in LA, and this is what it looked like as they were setting up:


Aren’t those flowers just absolutely beautiful?? I LOVE the combinations and the colors! And what about the view?? Could not have been any better! And it turned out a perfect day as well!

Our little princess got to be a flower-girl at the wedding, – which she of course totally LOVED!

flower girl

Isn’t she pretty?

flower girl

And she can even hold her flowers with her foot….

flower girl

Here she is together with her brother. who was a ring bearer at the wedding. He LOVED both his role and his outfit for the day!

wedding kids

And here our family poses with the bride and groom.


The day really could not have been any more beautiful.


Both my brother in law and sister in law are in the food business, so it was no surprise that the food at the wedding was absolutely excellent. Here is a photo of the cake…

wedding cake

Yes, it is real. And, yes, it tasted really, really yummy!! Filled with berries of various kinds. You can see the beautiful tables in the background. (Some of the flowers had not yet been put out, because I took this photo a little early.)

Unfortunately the battery of my phone (/camera) died as we sat down for dinner, so I cannot show you photos of the beautiful plates of salads and fish and everything. Neither do I get to show you photos of the dance-floor, where especially our little prince was very, very active! ๐Ÿ™‚ But all of those things are saved in my heart as wonderful memories.

flowersAgain, – we rejoice with the bride and the groom, and wish them a wonderful life together!!!

In California!!!

So, our summer adventure has begun! We spent maaaany hours on airplanes…

on the airplane…and finally made it to this beautiful place!

me in California

We are here in Los Angeles for my husband’s brothers wedding, which is the real reason for this whole adventure. So I am hereby thanking my brother in law and my soon to be sister in law!!

the brothers

We are staying in Santa Monica, and the first thing we did the morning after we arrived (*naturally waking up early because of the 10 hour jet lag…), was of course to go for a wonderful run in LA. What a great way to get a feeling for the city!

running in LA

We ran by the famous Santa Monica Pier, and decided that we must take the kids there later, and here you can see proof that Thing 1 and Thing 2 did make it there:

Santa Monica Pier

After enjoying a couple of rides there, we made it to the beach, which I like way more than the rides!

playing in the waves

playing in the waves

Isn’t this ocean just beautiful!!! Sooo huge! So amazing!

Here is our princess playing in the waves with her Savta (grandmother). Good times!

playing in the waves with savta

Look at the width of these beaches!

on the swings

Oh, yes, we are enjoying good days. Wonderful times with family, some that we live close to also in Jerusalem, and also some that we haven’t seen in a long, long time.

With Doda

We are so thankful for the time together! So much joy. So many memories made.

OK, I have to go. We are going kayaking with a great aunt before the wedding later today! ๐Ÿ™‚

Much To Do in Jerusalem.

There is SO much going on in Jerusalem right now! (*Not that I am surprised, – it is the center of the universe!) On Tuesday night we went out as a family to enjoy some of the fun stuff going on in our city.

book week

It is Hebrew Book Week, and we went to a park practically FULL of book-stands selling books at very reasonable prices. We enjoy going around looking at everything, and of course also choosing some good Summer Reads.

book fair

From there we continued on to The Light Festival that is going on all over the Old City of Jerusalem. The Old City with it’s Jerusalem Stone Walls is beautiful every evening with its lit up walls and everything. But now, with all the added lights and festivities, it was even more impressive!

Jerusalem Light Festival

A highlight was a huge ballerina music box which turned around and changed colors with the light and everything. Impressive!

Jerusalem light festival

There were dolphins flying in the air even!!

Jerusalem Light festival

Oh, beautiful Jerusalem!!! We will miss you! Because, yes, there is a reason we had to do it all in one night. We are going away on a fun summer adventure. While we of course are looking very much forward to it (really, the kids have been counting down days, hours and minutes!!), it is always somewhat hard to leave Jerusalem behind.

Jerusalem light festival