Back to every day life.

Yes, slowly slowly, we are making our way back to regular life after our Jerusalem snow adventures. The branches that fell off the trees in our neighborhood have been picked up, and since then the crew responsible for the Jerusalem’s trees has been here and cut off every possible branch that could have fallen off next time. So, now we are really ready for a hard winter in that aspect! A week has passed since Jerusalem had its last snowfall, but there is still some white on the ground, – which I must admit, I greatly enjoy!

Beautiful freshly fallen snow a week ago

Beautiful freshly fallen snow a week ago

After five snow days, the children went back to school, but for the first two days they started at 10 in the morning instead of at 8 o´clock. (Because of more slippery roads and sidewalks during the cooler mornings.) This makes for very enjoyable evenings, because of the knowledge of there not being a need to set an alarm for the next morning. However, the days themselves just fly by way too quickly. Like, I got the kids to school, bought a few appliances for needy families, did a little bit of translation work, and wooops it was time to make lunch for the kids who soon would be coming home from school. 

scrapbookingSomething I really enjoyed doing during those nice long evenings where there was no need to set an alarm for the next morning, was scrapbooking. I made five miniature albums as gifts for friends and family we spent time with in the States in the summer. It was so nice to work on those little projects. There were so many fun memories popping up in my mind. I am so thankful for the sweet times we had together. My mother in law is over there visiting now, and these little gifts were a way to send hugs in her luggage…

birthdayBefore she left, we celebrated her birthday here. Always happy occasions! 🙂 And yes, – she did manage to blow out all her candles!!

snow in JerusalemAnd here are a couple of photos from one of my runs this past week. I am SO enjoying running in this colder weather. Cold, sunny and dry is just PERFECT for running. Yesterday was not supposed to be a running day for me, but it was just such a perfectly beautiful day that I had to go out there for a quick little run anyway. I enjoyed every step!

snow In JerusalemTomorrow I am planning on doing the longest training run in my preparations for the Tiberias marathon, which is coming in about three weeks. My joy and excitement for running is just increasing, and I hope it will continue like that till the marathon and beyond!


So Many Snow Days!

We just got news that also tomorrow is a snow day, – that will be the fourth day the children have gotten off of school because of this snow, – and that is not counting the Shabbat we had in the middle, of course! (*Good for me I have a home-office so those things don’t throw me off completely. In the end I am having other people’s kids here as well!) They say that it has been more than a hundred years since we had a snowstorm like this one!

snow in JerusalemAnd this being such a rare happening, we are just not prepared with snowplows or snow tires or anything like that. So what happens? Everything stops, – until most of the snow is cleared away from the roads, sidewalks etc. And that seems to take a while this time, as the temperatures have stayed relatively low and we have not had any rain to wash it all away.

snow in JerusalemTo tell you the truth, – we have really enjoyed these days! The snow. The joy. The excitement. The winter-fun. The coziness inside. But it is almost so that I don’t dare saying it out loud, – because this storm has brought a lot of damages to our city, and to our country.

snow in JerusalemThe worst, I think, is the thought of 60 000 homes that were without electricity for several days! Imagine that during these cold days!! Terrible. We offered to host a family we found out were in this situation, but they had found a way to heat one of the rooms in their house, and ended up staying there in the end.

snow in JerusalemIn addition A LOT of trees have fallen over, or big branches fallen off, some of them landing on cars and stuff. And there are all the floods and leaks in houses. We had a small one here too, so we are shuffling water off of our balcony regularly. But all in all, we have been very lucky, and have therefore been able to enjoy these snow-days tremendously.

snow in Bethlehem

This is actually a view towards Bethlehem from Jerusalem. Look how close it is!

I told you about our trip to the Old City on Thursday. Now, looking at those pictures, I realize, we had so much more snow on Friday. And most of all on Shabbat. And every day it just became more and more beautiful. I think the most magical moment was just as we had lit candles for Shabbat, and the snowflakes were so beautiful, light and dry swirling in the air. It was not yet evening, but also not really the light of day anymore. We were just standing mesmerized by the windows. It was soooo beautiful!

snow in JerusalemEarlier on that Friday we had fun playing in the snow.

pool equipment in the snowHere is our daughter looking like she is on her way to the pool, but she is actually just ready for a fun day in the snow!

pool equipment in the snowAnd it really worked! We made a track, and then we could go down with tubes as well.

pool equipment in the snowHaving grown up in Norway, I had all these memories and associations coming at me as I watched my kids running up the hill as fast as they could only to slide down it even faster. I am so happy for them that they got to experience the fun of this!

pool equipment in the snow

It was nice to have abba with us in the snow now. On Thursday he was in school in the Tel Aviv area, and I am so glad he made it back home in time before the huge chaos that was on the roads that evening. (People had to leave their cars right there in the middle of the road, and about 2000 people were evacuated after sitting there for hours!)

pool equipment in the snow

Oh, and as you can see from the pictures, we have totally mastered the plastic-bag inside boot trick. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing waterproof boots, snow makes its way in anyway, and this way your socks stay dry for longer at least. 🙂

snow in JerusalemOh, how we love the snow! And I so enjoy looking at the white views!

snow in JerusalemThe kids have more of a need to actually touch the snow! 🙂

snow in JerusalemThese guys have had a continuous snowball-fight for the last few days! Fun stuff!

snow in JerusalemAfter our morning snow-outing in the neighborhood on Friday, we took a break and heated up inside. Hung our wet clothes on all the radiators, got some work done, and then we were ready to head out for more snow-fun. We have an old Jeep-style type of car, so we actually are able to drive on these snowy roads, – as long as we stay far away from the roads where others got stuck and are blocking the way…

snow in JerusalemWe went for an exciting and beautiful drive to Gilo, a neighborhood even higher than ours, where there was even more snow, and a great view of our city. We had fun building our snowman there.

snow in JerusalemAnd then it was home for a cozy and warm Shabbat. On Shabbat itself we did several short walks and built an igloo in our garden. Good times!

snow in JerusalemToday the snow is starting to melt, but very, very slowly. My husband and I did a long run around our city, and I totally LOVED the views from so many different places!

running in the snowThe slippery surface definitely slowed our running pace, but it was so worth it. I enjoyed every step of the way!

Running on Jaffa road today

Running on Jaffa road today

The bridge was different today than on our other running trips! 😉

harp bridge in snow

And, – look at the Knesset in the snow!

Knesset in snowI will end with a photo that shows how the snow really is on the highest mountains only. Like, you can see how local it is! Some mountaintops have snow, but you can clearly see those that don’t have it as well!

snow in JerusalemIt has been some wonderful snow days! I have a feeling those will be referred to for decades to come! 😉

SNOW in Jerusalem!

Oh, what joy when we woke up to snowflakes swirling in the air this morning! The excitement level was great as we ran from window to window to determine where the snow was sticking best to the ground. After a quick breakfast, we put on the most suitable clothing we could find, and ventured out into this white winter wonderland it was becoming out there!

snow in our Jerusalem gardenWe made our way up the street, making snowballs as we went.

snow in Jerusalem

And we made “angels”…

angels in the snowI always love seeing Palm trees covered with snow, having grown up in Norway with plenty of snow experiences, but no Palm trees.

palm trees with snowThe same goes for the citrus trees.

Citrus tree with snowAnd guess who we met on our way up the street??

snow in JerusalemYes, Savta! (Grandma) She is a tour guide and was waiting for her bus, and so we got a ride, and went for a spontaneous trip to see the Old City covered in snow!

Snow in JerusalemIt turned out a challenging bus ride, as the traffic was completely chaotic with cars getting stuck and sliding around etc. We are so not prepared for driving in the snow in this country! So, the bus and the group decided to leave the city as soon as possible, and we got off to explore the Old City on our own.

Snow in Jerusalem

It was so special to see all these familiar places with the magic cover of snow!

Snow in JerusalemI just love the rare combination of the Jerusalem stone walls and snow!

the Kotel in snowAnd look at this! The Kotel / Western Wall all white with snow!! Such a special sight for the eye!!!

Kotel in the snowYes, it was pretty cold and wet too…

Kotel in the snowBut, oh, so very special! And, this is the first time since 1956 that Jerusalem had snow in December.

Kotel in the snow

On our way out we walked through the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.

snow in JerusalemAnd we were very happy to find that The Jewish Quarter Cafe was open!

Jewish Quarter CafeSo we enjoyed some warmth and dryness as well as some totally yummy hot chocolates there. I always love the view from this place, – and look at it today!!

throwing snowballs in JerusalemThe kids made snowballs pretty much constantly, wherever we were.

throwing snowballs in JerusalemThey loved dropping them down somewhere, and listen to them land.

throwing snowballs in JerusalemAnd then there was the sliding on the snow…

sliding on the snow in Jerusalem

Who needs a sled…?!?

sliding on the snow in JerusalemWhere there is a will there is a way… Here they are sliding down the hillside of Mt. Zion.

snow in JerusalemI spot a boy in this photo looking for a good place to slide down the hill. Can you see him?

snow in JerusalemAnd how about the girl in this photo, – can you find her??

snow in JerusalemI loved seeing the Israeli flags outside of Mt. Zion hotel on our way home. They looked just perfect there in the midst of the snow!

snow in JerusalemThe temperatures were rising, and the snow was melting, which was kind of alarming because there was so much more that we wanted to do with it!!

a snowball fight in JerusalemBut we are blessed to live in one of the Jerusalem neighborhoods with higher altitude, so as we got closer to home, we found plenty of snow, and had ourselves a really good snowball-fight!

snow in Jerusalem

And the good things is, – they have promised us another snow day tomorrow! Maybe an even better one!!! It sure looks great out there with the snow falling down right now!

Winter has arrived

Winter is most definitely here. From last week till this week we had a temperature drop of 20 degrees Celsius. That is pretty big. So, we have dug out winter comforters and electric sheets, winter jackets, hats and scarves etc. We have brought out our sheep-skins and the reindeer-skin that we brought back from Norway in the summer. Candles there were already a lot of, so, yes, well, there still are.

winter decor

And when I showed you this photo, I also have to show you this one:


The organizer next to the phone is a post-hanukkah gift for myself. It was just exactly what I needed for that spot, as it tended to be pretty much constantly cluttered. And now there is a system in the mess. (*So much better to have a system in the mess, than a mess in the system…)

cookie making

Back to the weather: Today was particularly stormy outside. So much so that quite a bit of students did not show up at school. This is when our daughter pipes up, – they don’t understand, – this could have been Norway in the summer…

cookie making

Anyway, we have stayed cozy and close to heaters for as much as we could today. And, – we made yummy Peanut butter cookies. Did I say “we”? Because that is not true. It was not “we” who did it, – it was our princess who did it. Pretty much all by herself. So I got to sit down with yet another cup of coffee. Not all bad.


Other than that we have been watching the temperatures today. Because there is a rumor out there that says that maybe, just maybe, we might get some snow in Jerusalem…! Now, that would be pretty cool! In every meaning of the word.

temperature drop

And now after the kids were in bed, besides keeping an eye on the temperatures and the weather outside, I have been enjoying scrapbooking, for the second night in a row. I needed a fun and cozy winter project now after Hanukkah, and this has been just right. I am way behind on the photo albums I am making for both of the children, but I am trying not to stress about it, but rather enjoy and celebrate every page. Look at the last one I made.

scrapbooking page

Kind of fitting for a cold winter night to enjoy warm summer memories, don’t you think?

snow flakes

Ok, friends, I am off to bed, to dream of a white tomorrow, or maybe after tomorrow… oh, how nice that would be…

Another Long Run.

Today and last Sunday have been our coldest running days so far, but then again, – they have been so much better than the days in between, that I am certainly not complaining! (*On some of those in between days I was very thankful to be able to run inside, because the exercise I got outside those days consisted of igloo-building and such…) Today though, I must admit that I felt my toes and fingers freeze during the first couple of kilometers, but soon enough you heat up until you start sweating in spite of it only being a few degrees above zero.

Seeing the bridge from a different angle.

Seeing the bridge from a different angle. (And do you see the snow there in the left corner??)

The patches of snow are now pretty tiny, and it would not be true to call them white patches, because really, most of them aren’t white anymore…. But still, there was plenty of evidence to be seen from what now has earned the name “The Storm of the Decade” along our route. There were broken down roadsigns, lots of big branches that had fallen down, and quite a few broken umbrellas… (Really, – who takes an umbrella out in a wind-storm?!?) And the snow that was still around did make me happy, in spite of it’s dirty state. Seeing a grown up man going over and kick a little pile of snow, just because he could (and who knows when the opportunity will come around again), made me smile.

running past broken branches

running past broken branches

As we are building up our milage, and gradually increasing the length of our long runs, we tried out a new route today, which took us up to French Hill and Ramat Eshkol, the areas I used to live in when I first came to Jerusalem, and also the area we lived in during our first years of marriage. It had been a while since I had been back, and it was quite nice to see the streets I would walk through when I was a really fresh Jerusalemite, the place where I mailed off the invitations to our wedding, the corner where we would buy our Shabbat Flowers, – there were so many sweet memories popping up all over!

Our training for our first full marathons is going pretty well. We are having fun with it, and are really enjoying doing the long runs together. Now that we are running longer than the half marathon distance, I can feel it becoming more challenging. While this is natural as it of course is getting harder, I feel that it might be mostly mental. The feeling of that I have never ran this far before, sort of works to drain your energy. I am listening to running podcasts as I run (again warmly recommending, and was reminded that the training is 90 % mental, and then another 10 % mental… hehe. But the perspective that I am really taking away from the podcasts I listened to today, is the attitude that we don’t have to run, we get to run. What a privilege to be able to run, to have the health to run, to be able to take the time to run. I am very thankful that I get to run!

Imagine running through the Old City of Jerusalem as part of your route! I feel privileged!

Imagine running through the Old City of Jerusalem as part of your route! I feel privileged!

Enjoying the last bits of snow.

Considering the fact that we are far from spoilt when it comes to snow here in Jerusalem, we don’t let it go unnoticed that there still are some white patches out there. My husband just came in from taking out a bag of garbage, and with a big smile on his face he said how nice it is to still see bits of snow! And I really enjoyed my walk to get some milk at the local grocery store, for the exact same reason, – these white patches of snow really add a lot of joy to our lives! A white patch of snow still left on some rosemary bushes.

A white patch of snow still left on some rosemary bushes.

Friday was another snow day where all Jerusalem children got an extra day off from school. We didn’t really get a new snowfall, but there was enough left on the sidewalks to make it slippery, and in order to prevent people from falling and getting hurt, we got to stay home and have another snowball fight instead… 😉 We were all happy with that!Getting Abba pretty good! Getting Abba pretty good!

My pink princess and I did a nice walk together and bought shabbat-flowers. On the way she several times stopped and exclaimed: “Oh, it’s sooo beautiful! I just have to take a break and enjoy the view!” And really, this was the day to enjoy the views, because now that it was not snowing any more, it was easier to look across to the hills around us, like here to the fields of our neighboring kibbutz.

snowy view

And what kinds of flowers did my princess help me choose for this Shabbat? Of course, – pink ones!!!

shabbat flowers

Today, on Shabbat, we walked to the Western Wall, and there was still a little bit of snow left in the Old City and by the Kotel itself. But it was noticeable that our neighborhood is higher in altitude and therefore had more snow.

Snow at the Western Wall

Snow at the Western Wall (Photo credit: ForestForTrees)

Next time we have a real snowfall I would really love to get all the way down to the Old City. We walk these distances regularly, but in deep snow it takes longer and is colder, something you notice especially with children. (And taking the car is just not an option as neither the streets nor the cars are prepared for it.) But think of such unique views! And the pictures one could get! Definitely, next time I’m there. May it be soon…

Making the Most of every Snowy Moment!

Jerusalem snow

The fact that snow is such a temporary thing must be part of what makes it so special and exciting. This is certainly true here in Jerusalem. We know that our time with it is very limited. So we desperately try to hold on to every moment of it. (Hence, the late night and the early morning, referred to in my last posts.)

Jerusalem snow

After our beautiful snow walk this morning, we came home for breakfast and a little bit of warming of toes and fingers. But we could already sense that the peak had been there, and the snow was starting ever so slowly to leave us, so we put on some dry socks and headed out again!

First on our program was the building of a snowman.

snowman building

A big snowman.

snowman building

A really big snowman! Possibly the biggest snowman in all of Jerusalem. (*I must admit that we did not have a chance to go around and check this out for a fact, but we did notice that people kept on stopping and taking pictures by our snowman throughout the afternoon, so it was certainly pretty special!)

Jerusalem snowman

Here is a picture with the children posing next to it, just to give you an idea of the size of it…

big Jerusalem snowman

After being done with the snowman, we did not waste any time, but moved straight on to our next fun snow project. The building of an igloo!

igloo building

Not an every day activity for us Jerusalemites…! Good thing we had some expert help with experience from the States with us! (*Very helpful also with the snowman-building. There, by the way, we were also helped by some Canadian neighbors.)

igloo building

We happened to have some red roof left from our tree house project, and made it work for our igloo, which of course became so much better looking with a roof on it!! 😉

igloo with a roof

Next we enjoyed hot chocolates with whipped cream, and some homemade cookies, in our newly built igloo…

hot chocolate in the igloo

Well, at least some of us fit inside of it…

in the igloo

Yes, it has been a really good snow day. And yes, we have definitely made the most out of every moment of it!

(*AND, – last I checked both the snowman and the igloo were still there!)