Life in a world upside down

It is not that I did not feel for Paris. Of course I did. I prayed for them, cried with them, really felt for them. And so did the world, it seems.

But… Could someone please explain to me why it is that when terror hits France, the world rallies agains terror, and when terror hits Israel, the world rallies against Israel?!


How come there is not an uproar in the world about the fact that just about every day innocent people waiting at bus-stops and such, are being brutally knocked down by cars or knives in Israel?

On Friday five people were killed in terror-attacks here in Israel! Each one a real tragedy! Where is the world?!

Just now a 20 year old girl died after having been stabbed in the head while waiting for the bus! Earlier today a taxi-driver started stabbing his passenger!! And there was also a female terrorist who tried to carry out a stabbing attack at another bus-stop! All of this, – just today!

And the only time these terrorists are being called palestinians in the news outside of Israel, is when they are killed.

I just read in Norwegian news that three Palestinians were killed today, among them a woman and a taxi-driver! When you continue to read, you find that these three Palestinians were allegedly attacking Israelis at the time that they were being killed. Talk about not wanting to see the truth!! Talk about a world upside down!!!

Let me tell you something, – at a time like this, I am SO THANKFUL to be living my life in Israel! I am SO GLAD I get to live in a place were truth is being portrayed! Where we are not trying to hide the facts or bury our heads in the sand! Terror is called terror. Evil is called evil, and good is called good.

When I look at the confusion that is reigning in a world where the leaders really seem to not even want to know the truth, I am so thankful that I get to be right here!

And in a theoretical scenario; if I would have been anywhere else, I really hope that I would at least be looking to Israel for truth!


Why bad news is news.

Have you ever stopped to think of why the vast majority of news-items are portraying negative and bad events?


It is because good and positive things happen all the time, so they are not an exception worth mentioning. They are the norm. Isn’t that just wonderful?!

We live in a good world. People are helpful to each other and try to cooperate and build something positive together. It is when people try to harm each other and be destructive that it is an exception and makes the news. While I wish there would be less events worthy of news reports from my surroundings, I am thankful that they are the exception, and that goodness is the norm.

So many good things are happening, small and big. Children learning new things. Families and friends celebrating Shabbat together. Everyone rejoicing over the showers of rain which blessed our land lately. Walking the streets of Jerusalem on Shabbat and being at synagogue praying along with everyone else for peace to bless our people and our land. Sharing a smile and a shalom for the second time with the elderly man on a neighborhood bench today. Moments of goodness.

Or moments of coexistence, when you wait for a green light right next to a Muslim person, or end up being helped by an Arab in a shop. Lately there have been many photos shared on social media of Israeli soldiers sharing their food with Arab children. Why doesn’t it make the news? Because it is the norm! It is no exception! Isn’t that just great?!


The good news is that evil is still the exception! Goodness is still the norm! We have reason to rejoice! We live in a good world!

As God created everything, He saw that it was good! And God Himself, who is so good, created man in His image, – so each one of us have a little bit of His goodness in us! May we look for that in the people we meet on our journey through life!