So Many Snow Days!

We just got news that also tomorrow is a snow day, – that will be the fourth day the children have gotten off of school because of this snow, – and that is not counting the Shabbat we had in the middle, of course! (*Good for me I have a home-office so those things don’t throw me off completely. In the end I am having other people’s kids here as well!) They say that it has been more than a hundred years since we had a snowstorm like this one!

snow in JerusalemAnd this being such a rare happening, we are just not prepared with snowplows or snow tires or anything like that. So what happens? Everything stops, – until most of the snow is cleared away from the roads, sidewalks etc. And that seems to take a while this time, as the temperatures have stayed relatively low and we have not had any rain to wash it all away.

snow in JerusalemTo tell you the truth, – we have really enjoyed these days! The snow. The joy. The excitement. The winter-fun. The coziness inside. But it is almost so that I don’t dare saying it out loud, – because this storm has brought a lot of damages to our city, and to our country.

snow in JerusalemThe worst, I think, is the thought of 60 000 homes that were without electricity for several days! Imagine that during these cold days!! Terrible. We offered to host a family we found out were in this situation, but they had found a way to heat one of the rooms in their house, and ended up staying there in the end.

snow in JerusalemIn addition A LOT of trees have fallen over, or big branches fallen off, some of them landing on cars and stuff. And there are all the floods and leaks in houses. We had a small one here too, so we are shuffling water off of our balcony regularly. But all in all, we have been very lucky, and have therefore been able to enjoy these snow-days tremendously.

snow in Bethlehem

This is actually a view towards Bethlehem from Jerusalem. Look how close it is!

I told you about our trip to the Old City on Thursday. Now, looking at those pictures, I realize, we had so much more snow on Friday. And most of all on Shabbat. And every day it just became more and more beautiful. I think the most magical moment was just as we had lit candles for Shabbat, and the snowflakes were so beautiful, light and dry swirling in the air. It was not yet evening, but also not really the light of day anymore. We were just standing mesmerized by the windows. It was soooo beautiful!

snow in JerusalemEarlier on that Friday we had fun playing in the snow.

pool equipment in the snowHere is our daughter looking like she is on her way to the pool, but she is actually just ready for a fun day in the snow!

pool equipment in the snowAnd it really worked! We made a track, and then we could go down with tubes as well.

pool equipment in the snowHaving grown up in Norway, I had all these memories and associations coming at me as I watched my kids running up the hill as fast as they could only to slide down it even faster. I am so happy for them that they got to experience the fun of this!

pool equipment in the snow

It was nice to have abba with us in the snow now. On Thursday he was in school in the Tel Aviv area, and I am so glad he made it back home in time before the huge chaos that was on the roads that evening. (People had to leave their cars right there in the middle of the road, and about 2000 people were evacuated after sitting there for hours!)

pool equipment in the snow

Oh, and as you can see from the pictures, we have totally mastered the plastic-bag inside boot trick. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing waterproof boots, snow makes its way in anyway, and this way your socks stay dry for longer at least. ๐Ÿ™‚

snow in JerusalemOh, how we love the snow! And I so enjoy looking at the white views!

snow in JerusalemThe kids have more of a need to actuallyย touch the snow! ๐Ÿ™‚

snow in JerusalemThese guys have had a continuous snowball-fight for the last few days! Fun stuff!

snow in JerusalemAfter our morning snow-outing in the neighborhood on Friday, we took a break and heated up inside. Hung our wet clothes on all the radiators, got some work done, and then we were ready to head out for more snow-fun. We have an old Jeep-style type of car, so we actually are able to drive on these snowy roads, – as long as we stay far away from the roads where others got stuck and are blocking the way…

snow in JerusalemWe went for an exciting and beautiful drive to Gilo, a neighborhood even higher than ours, where there was even more snow, and a great view of our city. We had fun building our snowman there.

snow in JerusalemAnd then it was home for a cozy and warm Shabbat. On Shabbat itself we did several short walks and built an igloo in our garden. Good times!

snow in JerusalemToday the snow is starting to melt, but very, very slowly. My husband and I did a long run around our city, and I totally LOVED the views from so many different places!

running in the snowThe slippery surface definitely slowed our running pace, but it was so worth it. I enjoyed every step of the way!

Running on Jaffa road today

Running on Jaffa road today

The bridge was different today than on our other running trips! ๐Ÿ˜‰

harp bridge in snow

And, – look at the Knesset in the snow!

Knesset in snowI will end with a photo that shows how the snow really is on the highest mountains only. Like, you can see how local it is! Some mountaintops have snow, but you can clearly see those that don’t have it as well!

snow in JerusalemIt has been some wonderful snow days! I have a feeling those will be referred to for decades to come! ๐Ÿ˜‰