Back to every day life.

Yes, slowly slowly, we are making our way back to regular life after our Jerusalem snow adventures. The branches that fell off the trees in our neighborhood have been picked up, and since then the crew responsible for the Jerusalem’s trees has been here and cut off every possible branch that could have fallen off next time. So, now we are really ready for a hard winter in that aspect! A week has passed since Jerusalem had its last snowfall, but there is still some white on the ground, – which I must admit, I greatly enjoy!

Beautiful freshly fallen snow a week ago

Beautiful freshly fallen snow a week ago

After five snow days, the children went back to school, but for the first two days they started at 10 in the morning instead of at 8 o´clock. (Because of more slippery roads and sidewalks during the cooler mornings.) This makes for very enjoyable evenings, because of the knowledge of there not being a need to set an alarm for the next morning. However, the days themselves just fly by way too quickly. Like, I got the kids to school, bought a few appliances for needy families, did a little bit of translation work, and wooops it was time to make lunch for the kids who soon would be coming home from school. 

scrapbookingSomething I really enjoyed doing during those nice long evenings where there was no need to set an alarm for the next morning, was scrapbooking. I made five miniature albums as gifts for friends and family we spent time with in the States in the summer. It was so nice to work on those little projects. There were so many fun memories popping up in my mind. I am so thankful for the sweet times we had together. My mother in law is over there visiting now, and these little gifts were a way to send hugs in her luggage…

birthdayBefore she left, we celebrated her birthday here. Always happy occasions! 🙂 And yes, – she did manage to blow out all her candles!!

snow in JerusalemAnd here are a couple of photos from one of my runs this past week. I am SO enjoying running in this colder weather. Cold, sunny and dry is just PERFECT for running. Yesterday was not supposed to be a running day for me, but it was just such a perfectly beautiful day that I had to go out there for a quick little run anyway. I enjoyed every step!

snow In JerusalemTomorrow I am planning on doing the longest training run in my preparations for the Tiberias marathon, which is coming in about three weeks. My joy and excitement for running is just increasing, and I hope it will continue like that till the marathon and beyond!