Reflections from my morning run.


This morning my husband and I went for an absolutely beautiful early morning run. I decided to not listen to anything through my earphones, and even though we did have a bit of conversation here and there, the hour and a half out there did leave plenty of time for thoughts and reflections too.


I thought of the Torah Portion we are learning this week, where God told Abraham to leave his country and go. The main thing in the beginning of Genesis 12 seems to be the leaving, the going, the obedience, – and then God took him to the Land that he had promised him.


I cannot tell you how privileged I feel who gets to live my life here in the Land that God promised to Abraham and his descendants. I get to be a part of the building of this modern miracle that is taking place here in our days!


And then, – who lets their thoughts wonder this week, and they don’t touch on the US election?! Well, here is what I thought: All of your Jewish people over there who are freaked out about the result of this election, – maybe it is time you come home??


I am telling you, – I am so thankful for the leaders we have over here! I trust them and I am proud of them! (And as recent history has shown, if they don’t behave they are kept accountable for it!)


So, friends, – consider it, pray about it! We could use you over here! The nation is small enough, the state is young enough, – each one really counts! Come help us build! Come influence and make a difference! Come set your footprint over here during this life that we are given here on earth!


Life in a world upside down

It is not that I did not feel for Paris. Of course I did. I prayed for them, cried with them, really felt for them. And so did the world, it seems.

But… Could someone please explain to me why it is that when terror hits France, the world rallies agains terror, and when terror hits Israel, the world rallies against Israel?!


How come there is not an uproar in the world about the fact that just about every day innocent people waiting at bus-stops and such, are being brutally knocked down by cars or knives in Israel?

On Friday five people were killed in terror-attacks here in Israel! Each one a real tragedy! Where is the world?!

Just now a 20 year old girl died after having been stabbed in the head while waiting for the bus! Earlier today a taxi-driver started stabbing his passenger!! And there was also a female terrorist who tried to carry out a stabbing attack at another bus-stop! All of this, – just today!

And the only time these terrorists are being called palestinians in the news outside of Israel, is when they are killed.

I just read in Norwegian news that three Palestinians were killed today, among them a woman and a taxi-driver! When you continue to read, you find that these three Palestinians were allegedly attacking Israelis at the time that they were being killed. Talk about not wanting to see the truth!! Talk about a world upside down!!!

Let me tell you something, – at a time like this, I am SO THANKFUL to be living my life in Israel! I am SO GLAD I get to live in a place were truth is being portrayed! Where we are not trying to hide the facts or bury our heads in the sand! Terror is called terror. Evil is called evil, and good is called good.

When I look at the confusion that is reigning in a world where the leaders really seem to not even want to know the truth, I am so thankful that I get to be right here!

And in a theoretical scenario; if I would have been anywhere else, I really hope that I would at least be looking to Israel for truth!

The spreading of horrible lies.

It is really sickening to watch the lies that are being spread around the world about what is going on in Israel these days! For us who live here it is almost unbelievable, but there seems to be real confusion about who are the attackers and who are the victims! And why is this? This is because the ones who report about the incidents, distort the facts before they report them. There is no question about it, – they must be aware that they are not reporting the truth!

Ever since I was a little girl, it has always been important to me that things be right and just and true, so when I witness the lies that are being spread these days, it literally makes me shake.

What do they mean when they say that the Palestinian Arabs were “allegedly” attacking with knives? What?! Was there any doubt? Do we not have the videos showing them hacking away at random Jews with butcher knives and axes??

When the terrorist is portrayed as the victim, there is no wonder why people get confused as to who attacked who!


What do international media mean when they talk about all this horrible terror against the Jewish people as “violent clashes where Palestinian youth is killed”? I thought a “clash” had two sides meeting in a sort of collision or crash. Not so in these cases. Innocent elderly Jewish men on their way home from prayer were cut down with a knife by a young Muslim terrorist. Random civilians waiting for the bus were driven down by a car running fast into them, and the terrorist driver (an Israeli Arab employed by the Israeli phone company) came out and started to hack them down with an axe! This happened just about the same time as two other young terrorists entered a bus close to our home and started stabbing and shooting the passengers! These are not clashes between two armies!!! Whoever says that is blatantly lying! He is misguiding the masses!

While people have an easier time relating to mourning for what happened to the twin trade towers in New York 9/11, most of them seem to be unable to understand that Israel lives under this type of situation just about 24/7.

Why would people want to hide the truth here? What is their interest? If you are a journalist, why don’t you just say it as it is? I guess they want to portray a picture that fits with people’s expectations and their previous understanding of reality, based on what they have been presented in the past. This is a vicious cycle, that we should all do what we can to put an end to! Today I did see a couple of examples of media coverage that portrayed the reality here relatively well, and that encouraged me very much. May we see more of this!