A thriving land and people.

This morning I had the joy to drive from Jerusalem to Haifa. I loved the views of the terraced hills of Judea, and just the biblical landscape that makes up this country. Now it is clothed in green, and the highways wore the yellow frames of early wild flowers.

I even loved seeing the signs pointing to the various cities I passed on my way, – Modi’in, Ariel, Tel Aviv, Netanya, – saying a blessing over each one as I drove by. I saw busstops full of people, typical for a Sunday morning when everyone is returning to the work week after Shabbat. The roads were full of cars, but the traffic was flowing very well. – I experienced a country which was flourishing in every way! Folks, – the Land of Israel and the People of Israel are thriving!

Coming closer to my destination, I drove with the Carmel mountains on my right and the beautiful Mediterranean on my left, and I opened the window to get a smell of the fresh ocean air. Oh, that is something I miss in Jerusalem!



In Haifa I met with immigrant after immigrant. Some had been here for a long time, like a man from India who immigrated ten years ago and speaks seven languages fluently! Another one had been here for as little as two months, but was already making himself understood in Hebrew, using the little he had already learnt in ulpan (Hebrew language course).

After the purchase of seven fridges and three washing machines, and after ten thankful faces and happy encounters, work was done. Work that I feel so blessed, thankful and privileged to take part in. The Jewish people settling in the Land of their inheritance is prophecy being fulfilled, and I get to take part in it! Sometimes I almost have to pinch myself to make sure it is not just a dream!


Before I drove back to Jerusalem, I met up with a dear friend in Haifa at the beach. Beautiful friend and beautiful place,  – lucky me!

Then there was an afternoon of a late lunch and some reading with my precious children, some Mom-taxi-duty and some quick errands.

And this evening I got together with another dear friend here in Jerusalem to celebrate her birthday! We went to one of our favorite places, called Te’enim (hehe ;-)) located just opposite the Old City walls with an absolutely amazing view. This view was made even more magical tonight accompanied by a full moon. 8276_10207252671427034_465459331501432266_n.jpg

So here I am at the end of a long day, feet up, candles lit and yet another cup of tea, – feeling really, really blessed!


One thought on “A thriving land and people.

  1. Solveig Haugsbakk says:

    God jul til deg og dine
    Teena. Takk for alle hilsener i året som gikk. Solveig Haugsbakk, Norge

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