Living where my heart is.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Blue sky, crisp winter air. I went for a nice run and really enjoyed our wonderful city.


Afterwards I was still just really happy, going about my day at home, when all of a sudden BOOM, there was this news update on my phone. Terror attack by Jaffa gate.

Not long after came more details. Several innocent people seriously injured. Two terrorists attacked them with knives. I must admit, this knocked me out. I was really crying. I don’t know if it was because it was at a place I very often walk by, or if it was because of the extreme contrast to the state I was in right then or what it was, – but this one was a hard one to handle.


I contacted my husband and was thankful to get a confirmation that he was nowhere near Jaffa gate. I prayed for the victims who were rushed to the hospitals, I prayed for the doctors and people treating them, I prayed for the families as they were being informed of this tragedy that had hit them all of a sudden. My heart really ached for them!

By the early evening we were informed that two of the ones injured in the attack died of their wounds. Two fathers. Aged 40 and 45. So tragic. My heart is crying for their families.

Today I went to the place where this terror attack took place. And as I was there, I got this feeling of thankfulness to be able to go there. To be able to go to the place where my heart anyway was already.


One of my closest friends recently left Jerusalem. (Very sad, of course.) She could not handle the situation of living here right now. I remember one of our conversations as this wave of terror started a few months back. She wished she could leave right away, while I was so thankful I did not already have a planned trip and had to go. When the city my heart is connected to is under attack, there is no other place I would rather be than right here, with the people of this city.

I have actually just had a few days now where I have been missing my family in Norway, but today, when I stood there by Jaffa gate, I was just SO THANKFUL that I get to be right here! When my heart is here already, it is something very satisfying with being here in body too!


Nowhere else have I felt life more celebrated than in Israel. There is a depth and a meaning to life here that my very being resonates really strongly with.

And the fact that we feel the pain when we are hurt, is just natural, – I would not want my heart to get hardened and unable to connect to the pain when it hits us.

In Israel you get a feeling that our lives are worth living! We are living for something bigger than ourselves! We are making a difference! We are building something together! I feel privileged to be able to take my part in that.

I get to live where my heart is, and I am so thankful for that.


2 thoughts on “Living where my heart is.

  1. Unni Østhus says:

    You are at the right place my dear daughter, and you are making a difference not only to the people around you, but right here to your place of birth.
    Thank you. And may all people who celebrate Christmas today relate to Israel and bless the land and the people where our Jesus Christ is borned, lived and comes again. May He come soon.

  2. Christine says:

    I am in Australia, and although some of the attacks makes our news headlines, I can not comprehend the difficulty that living in such a place can bring. I am thankful that you are able to enjoy your life with such joy & spirit. I thank you that you share your wonderful life & that I get to witness the beauty of Iseral & it’s people, that the media does not show.

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