Identity and truth revealed

I am still thinking of last week’s Torah Portion. It is one of the most powerful ones, I think, about Joseph revealing his identity to his brothers. Just imagine being there! Wow! What emotion! What depth! Wow!

Think of the thousands of  questions receiving their answer in those two words: – Ani Yosef! – I’m Joseph!

What mysteries being explained! All the puzzle pieces fell into place as those two words were expressed, heard and understood. All of a sudden they saw the truth that had been right there in front of them for a while already!

Imagine the surprise for the brothers! A mixture of fear and relief. Amazement and excitement coupled with  regret, shame and guilt. But I like to think there was most all, joy and love.

Jewish tradition links this story closely to the expectation of the coming of the Messiah and to Him revealing His identity! This is what excites me so much! Just imagine the moment when He will reveal His identity and say: – Ani HaMashiach! -I’m the Messiah!

Think of the millions of questions receiving their answer in those two words! Oh, my heart!!!

All the mysteries being explained, and all the puzzle pieces falling into place! Oh, – being alive on that day! All of our eyes being opened to the truth!!

I am looking forward to that day! And I want to live my life preparing for that day, and doing what I can to make it come sooner!



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