Good reports from Zion

I like to write. And I guess the reason why I write a blog, is that I like for people to read what I write too. I want to express what I see as the truth, and I want people to read it and be influenced by it. This is meaningful to me.

However, sometimes I have the feeling that different groups of people need to hear different messages, or the same message with a different emphasis. Allow me to explain.

It is like when you are having conversations with different people. Some things seem obvious to some people, and you therefore don’t need to convince them about those things.

People who live in Israel now, have no need to be reminded of the challenges we are going through here. It is quite clear and in your face, so to speak. Spreading the threats of terror only helps spread fear, and that is the goal of the terrorists, – something we DO NOT want to help them with!

So when I think of my Israeli readers, I write posts about how the Israeli people keeps on living in spite of everything, and why I love living in Israel.

On the other hand, when I think of people in other places of the world, who continue with their regular lives, and might even just miss all that Israel is going through, I feel a real need to wake them up, so I write posts like World, – Wake up!!!

These two sides are both true. Both very real parts of our life here in Israel. Parallel realities, as I like to call them.

When I write that things are difficult, it is in case you didn’t already know that. And I imagine this is what motivates others who write those types of messages from here now too. It was when I read other people’s negative reports on life in Israel that I realized how much I didn’t like it, and it was just what I had done too!

Because really, we have plenty of reasons to send good reports out of Zion! Good things are going on! God is doing miracles here! People who were just about declared dead as they arrived at the hospital, are now being released to go home from those hospitals! Terrorists are not able to decide which bus to get on, which Jews to stab, and end up being stopped before they have carried out their attack fully! Our guards are “by chance” stopping the terrorist, without even realizing it until later! These are all huge miracles, that I for one am very, very thankful for!


God has brought His people back here to LIVE, to THRIVE, to BUILD – and it is really happening now and in our days! It would almost be surprising if the enemy did not try to stop this type of thing! And even if this does make it difficult at times, it is very clear that God is still with His people!

I do not want to be one of the ten spies that brought back a bad report from the Land, but rather like Caleb and Joshua, who saw reality for what it really was. Yes, there are giants in the Land, but our God in whom we trust is even greater!

Od Avinu Chai! And AM YISRAEL CHAI!


2 thoughts on “Good reports from Zion

  1. Reidunn says:

    Så veldig godt å lese! Shabbat shalom!

  2. Paula R. says:

    Dear friend… no one would accuse you of bringing a negative report. For those of us abroad, it’s important to paint a real picture and expose Truth in media as we do not receive it in our media outlets. Your recent posts were eye-opening and shocking and unbelievable to see the level of alert and terror that Israelis face on a daily basis.

    On the other hand, we all know full-well of the glory, beauty and miracles that co-exist with the daily realities.
    It’s like the old Israeli song “al kol eleh..”the bitter and the sweet.
    Thank you for reminding us of all the good things happening in Israel.

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