The strength of continuing life in the midst of everything.

I am just going to say it as it is. I am so proud to be a Jerusalemite. I am SO proud to be Israeli. What a people this is! What strength it is showing in the midst of enormous difficulty!

My beautiful Jerusalem

My beautiful Jerusalem

Just getting up and continuing life takes an effort when there are large forces out there that are doing their best to paralyze you with fear! The fact that horrible lies about us are being spread around the world, takes away whatever would be left of energy. Yet, – we continue to go about our lives. There is a real strength in that.

It was wonderful to walk to synagogue on Shabbat morning and find that the streets were as full as they normally are at that time of the week, and we still greet each other with Shabbat shalom – in spite of everything, or maybe with even more intent than normal, because of everything!

I found that it was even more upbuilding and encouraging to pray together than it normally is, this past shabbat morning. To call out to God from the depth of our heart! To proclaim back to Him, His truths and His promises, felt really good!

Rock of Israel! Arise to the aid of Israel and redeem as You pledged Judah and Israel!

O, King, Helper, Savior, and Shield. Blessed are You LORD, Shield of Abraham!

The LORD will reign forever, your God, O Zion, from generation to generation! Halleluyah!

The LORD will give strength to His people! The LORD will bless His people with peace! 


Sunday morning I went for a nice and enjoyable run. I will admit that I slightly changed the route because of the situation we are in, but still, it felt really good to intentionally NOT give in to the fear that would just want me to not leave home whenever I did not absolutely have to. Going out running has been very helpful for me for the last few days, actually. it energizes me and gets positive thoughts going through my system as supposed to just being drained by all the negative things one so easily could have focused on. It is an intentional choice, really, what to focus on, and for me, running has somehow helped make that choice easier.

After the run, my waffles and I were off to our women’s group meeting. Good times as always, even though conversations naturally were quite influenced by everything going on in our country. (I mean, do you normally make plans to go to self defense classes at your women’s group meetings??)


Monday morning I went on a work-trip to Haifa. A wonderful trip through our beautiful country! After buying two cooking stoves, one washing machine and three fridges for different needy immigrant families in the area, I got to go to the beach for a little while before heading back home to Jerusalem. I even got to meet up with a sweet friend who used to live in Jerusalem. She is one of the most positive people I know, and it was great to go for a walk on the beach with her and talk up a lot of positive energy! 🙂


And look at the “Dove of Peace” that I found in the sand:


Yes, life is continuing in spite of everything! Back in Jerusalem, I found out that Israeli flags to hang on our cars (the ones we usually buy for Israeli independence day) are being given out for free, – because of everything going on right now!


This is our answer! i hope you are listening well, world, because this is our message: We are not giving in and we are not giving up. We are living and we are going to continue going on living! AM YISRAEL CHAI!!!


3 thoughts on “The strength of continuing life in the midst of everything.

  1. Reidunn says:

    Flott å lese om styrke, mot og håp midt i alt det forferdelege. Ber om at Guds vernande hand må kvile over dokk alle

  2. […] when I think of my Israeli readers, I write posts about how the Israeli people keeps on living in spite of everything, and why I love living in […]

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