Why I love living in Israel.

In spite of everything that is happening in our country these days, I could not imagine living anywhere else. Here is a list of what I love about living in Israel. ❤

  • Our togetherness, the feeling of all of us being family, the care that people show for perfect strangers.
  • Being part of building something way bigger than myself or my family. Anyone who reads this blog, knows that I care deeply for my home, my husband, my children and my family. They are my life, really! My dream come true. But then, at the same time, – our family gets to be part of a community, of a people, of a country, that we all build together! Now, THAT, is way bigger than I knew to dream about!
  • Watching prophecy being fulfilled in front of my eyes! The God of our forefathers is bringing His people back to the Land that He promised them and planting them here, – and we get to be a part of it! It is HUGE! (When starting to think of things like this, I feel so thankful that I get to be alive NOW, and certainly would not want to live anywhere else than right HERE!)
  • Living in a place with a future and a hope. Ok, so we are facing difficulties! Life is extremely intense at times, but we have promises that we get to hold on to together! We know that HE who has brought us through sooo much in the past, will bring us through this too, – and HE has good plans for a future full of hope!


  • Our weather! Well, except for the summer. Even then, the evenings are beautiful, dark and warm, great for sitting outside with candles and a glass of wine. And fall, winter and spring are just perfect. You can always go out for a run or a walk, or have lunch outside just about any time. And gardening is a total joy, – no lack of sun, that’s for sure!
  • The fact that we greet each other with the word Shalom – Peace! And when we raise our glasses, instead of cheers, we say Le chaim! – To life!


  • Living in a place where there are real values, and a basic agreement on what is good and what is evil. When morality is falling apart, truth is getting increasing relative, and people are being lead astray by their own leaders, I am incredibly thankful to be right HERE, where I trust our leaders to make right decisions, and our army to really defend us when there is a need to do that!
  • Our food! Lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables available, locally grown and you get to enjoy them in their season. (Oh, and if you have tried looking for kosher food or restaurants other places, you will love Israel!)
  • Our people! Yes, people can seem nosy at first, but at least they care! And, yes, the lines at the supermarket can be slow because of all the conversations between everyone, but at least we treat each other as fellow human beings!
  • The feeling of connection between the past, the present and the future that I feel is really unique for life in Israel. The history (and such meaningful history!) really speaks to us from the stones we are walking on, and we get to live that history and build it for future generations!
  • Our ability to keep on living, and celebrating life, in spite of so many enemies all around trying to crush us down. It is a conscious choice not to give up, really. This is a strength that has been built up from just those types of experiences, and the knowledge that we are NOT alone, we stand together, and our God is with us in the midst of everything! Last night, shortly after another terror-attack here in Jerusalem, people gathered to sing our national anthem, HaTikvah, right where the attack had happened! What a powerful message! We have hope! We are going to live as a free people in our country, the Land of Zion, Jerusalem!
  • Our faith! And the fact that the faith in the God of Israel is such a central part of everything! On national radio broadcasts you get encouraged to read the psalms and pray for our people. Faith is something that is right there on the table being talked about naturally, it is not tabu like in so many other places.
  • To get to live in the city where the Torah, the Living Word, is coming out from, now nothing can compare to that, can it?


  • This is the people that is called to be a light to the nations, to be a blessing to all! Wow, – to get to live in the midst of that! Wow!
  • And when God chose a home for himself on this earth, – this is where He chose for it to be! (Sometimes I have to ask myself how come I get to be so blessed as to live my life and raise my kids right here!)


  • Our language. And everything that is hidden within that language. I learn new depths all the time! Think for example of the word for truth in Hebrew, EMET – אמת. The first letter in the word, is the first in the alphabet, the last letter in the word is the last in the alphabet and the middle letter in the word is the middle letter of the alphabet. “All-consuming truth” built into the one word “truth”. And the fact that the letters have numerical values, that add meaning to numbers too! 🙂
  • Shabbat! ❤ It is definitely what I miss the most whenever we are abroad. The walking to service or back home from having shared a meal with friends, and wishing everyone shabbat shalom. Living in a community that is Jewish, where the Jewish way of life comes naturally. The fact that you can just about feel it in the air that it is shabbat!
  • Such a meaningful life! To be honest, I more and more realize how this is where I found what I had always been looking for, without even being aware of it! This is where things are happening in our time! And not only do I get to live in Israel! I get to live in the heart of Israel, – in Jerusalem! #sothankful!

This is just what came to mind first when I spontaneously sat down to write this, and I am sure I will think of many more things later. And now when I count it, it by chance ended up being 18! The numerical value of the Hebrew word LIFE – חי!

Feel free to add more points in the comment-section!  🙂


5 thoughts on “Why I love living in Israel.

  1. Unni Østhus says:

    This is a long list of good reasons to live here!
    And I know you mean it, even in difficult days.
    Even I, a stranger from the nations, am happy to be here also in days like this.
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  2. Nancy Bartelson says:

    Thank you for this beautiful word picture! ❤️

  3. […] So when I think of my Israeli readers, I write posts about how the Israeli people keeps on living in spite of everything, and why I love living in Israel. […]

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