World, – wake up!!!

People say we have come through harder periods in the past, but I am not sure if I am able to remember worse days than these…

When fifteen year old girls pick a knife out of their backpacks to stab Israeli police officers with! Or when thirteen and fifteen year old brothers leave their house with knives and go out and stab a 13 year old over and over again! When terrorists drive people down only to run out and stab them afterwards! It is pure horror! We have several attacks like these every day, and it turns into a very strange reality where you end up going around waiting for what will happen next…

And at the same time we try to live as normal lives as we just can. We send our kids to school. Today the school administration even locked the building, and did not let the children out before the end of the day, when parents had to come to a locked and guarded gate to pick them up. We do our errands, I was downtown today, but as I walked through the beautiful outdoor mall of Mamilla, I heard all the sirens going by, the helicopters above and noticed how abnormally empty the area was. And what song was played over the loudspeakers? Louis Armstrong’s And I think to myself, what a wonderful world! I started crying! Such contrasts! The world could be so wonderful if it was not for all the evil being let loose right now!!

It was about 11 in the morning, and our country had already been rocked by 4 horrible terror attacks, two of them in Jerusalem. One was on a bus quite close to our house, where two terrorists came on board with a knife and a gun and just started stabbing people! In Jerusalem we have three killed and twenty injured from the attacks this morning. The hospital staff is working like crazy! As are our guards, police and soldiers! We all end up being defenders of Zion!

One of my friends was on that same bus line in the same area, but in the opposite direction. Another friend lost a friend in the attack on that bus today.

Arab terrorists are going out knifing Jews down one by one. And the world is silent!! It is unbelievable! It is as if it is the holocaust all over again! Then the nazis were pointing guns at us and the world was silent! Now the Arab terrorists are cutting their knives into us, and the world is silent! And those who are not silent, are asking Israel why we cannot restore quiet and peace in our region?! If anyone is blamed, it is us, the “occupiers”! But wait, the attacks are happening all over pre-67 Israel, – these are not occupied territories by any definitions!! But who is interested in facts?!

It seems the only time you hear about the attack in mainstream media outside of Israel, is when the terrorist is killed in the process, and then that is the first thing said in the headline, like “Palestinian killed by Israeli forces after Jerusalem attack kills two.” Who is the victim here? This is a world upside down!

People are asking where the God of Israel is in all of this, but I am confident that He is right here with us! And He, – Shomer Yisrael neither slumbers not sleeps! We hear about more and more terrorists who are stopped before they are able to injure anyone! The female suicide bomber blew her bomb up at the checkpoint and not at a crowded area in Jerusalem. There is protection! And the fact that we have been able to save the lives of so many of the ones who have been attacked is also a miracle!

These are very serious times, and it is important for each of us to take a stand. Because, when you think about it, not taking a stand is also a stand, and what can I say, – I would rather stand for something than fall for everything. And also, – I would rather die standing than bowing to Islam! So I challenge you out there, – get informed! Find out what is happening! Search for truth! The lies are trying to take over, but we will not let them! We will NEVER give up, and the TRUTH WILL WIN IN THE END!


5 thoughts on “World, – wake up!!!

  1. Joelle Moser says:

    Dear Te’ena Please know that although much of the world is silent or criticizing, there are some who LOVE Israel and Her people. Thank you for your vulnerable thoughts! I am a friend of Hanna’s and we pray for her family friends and country everyday, which we know includes you, Seth and your beautiful children. Be encouraged, His hand will prevail. Love Joelle

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  2. Paula R. says:

    Te’ena, Thank you for bringing to light these atrocities so we may be aware of them. I’m sure most international news outlets do not cover these attacks in depth. You have to really search for them. We are currently taking an “unplugged” break and do not have TV access, cable or internet at home. I only have Internet access on my phone. It all became too much and we needed a break. I must admit, I’m not great about daily checking the news sites. I feel a bit uninformed. My heart breaks to hear about these senseless tragedies, and yes… To hear loud silence from the world. It is world gone wrong to see these young people carrying out attacks so blatantly and so often. I will definitely “up the prayer coverage.” I am sure you do feel alone in this situation–thinking the whole world has turned a deaf ear.
    The USA has seen recent attacks on Christians and the Christian faith like never before… Like the Oregon college campus shootings where the gunman asked Christians to stand up–then shot and killed them.
    My heart is breaking over what is happening in Israel. We will continue to pray and make our voices and support known. We love you. Paula R.

  3. […] On the other hand, when I think of people in other places of the world, who continue with their regular lives, and might even just miss all that Israel is going through, I feel a real need to wake them up, so I write posts like World, – Wake up!!! […]

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