Intense times and such different “sides”!

Seldom have I experienced such contrasting feelings as I have during the last few days. Wonderful joyous moments of love and laughter coupled with deep sorrow and a feeling of hopelessness. We have been in our time of rejoicing in the Jewish fall holidays and very much enjoyed time together with family, at the same time as tears have filled my eyes and sorrow my heart as I hear about terror attack after terror attack coming against our people in our country.

Take just today for example. You get the children ready for their first day of school after the holidays, send them off and go to work. Then midmorning, the news alert ticks in on your phone about another Palestinian terrorist with a knife attacking more Jews in the same street as the horrible terror attack we are still shocked by that took place Saturday night. While you are still in the first wave of shock and sorrow for the victims in this attack, you receive the news that the terrorist was an 18 year old girl! The one on Saturday was 19, and then there have been a couple that were 15, and even a 12-year-old!! What has the world come to? How can we go on hoping for any type of coexistence with people who are bringing up this type of next generation?! What hope can we still hold on to for the future??

The day moves on, and we keep hearing about more and more terror attacks. One count says five serious attacks during this one day only, and that is of course in addition to all the ones that were stopped before they were able to do any damage. It is so sickening! The details, the videos, the survivor’s firsthand witnesses. We are dealing with people who wish to kill us all, and are willing to die in the process! It makes me sick to my stomach to think of what can bring a person to that type of situation. The lies, the indoctrination, the twisted realities.

And let me tell you what angers me the very most! – Hearing the international leaders around the world call upon “both sides to show restraint”! Achgh!!! Those two sides should not be mentioned together in the same sentence without pointing out how extremely different they are! In fact I think it would be hard to make them any more contrasting! Here we have people who run after us to murder us! And we, what do we do, – we take the injured terrorist in an ambulance to be treated at the same hospital as the ones he or she tried to murder!! I am ok with that, we want to be the way we are, living lives of good values and integrity. But for anyone to then dare to talk about “both sides” as though they actually have any type of resemblance one to another, – that is totally unacceptable!

When we find ourselves in such difficult realities, the important question will be; – How are we to cope with this? On Saturday night when I first heard about the horrible attack where a young Palestinian terrorist murdered a young Jewish father, injured the mother and child, and murdered another Jewish man who came to help the ones being attacked, and how Palestinians called for a third intifada, I must admit that one of my first thoughts was that I wanted to just lock myself and my dear ones up at home and stay there. Who needs to go anywhere when these types of things are happening?!

A man stood holding this flag by the Old City of Jerusalem when I walked by there Sunday morning

A man stood holding this flag by the Old City of Jerusalem when I walked by there Sunday morning

But then, when you start thinking about it, – that would be giving victory to the terrorists! They want to spread fear, they want to paralyze us all, they want us to change our plans and limit our lives. But you know what, – we are not going to let them!!! Later that Saturday night I went to an overflowing concert where we sang prayers together to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the one who has brought us through so much all the way to where we are today. We are not about to give up hope, because we know where hope is found! We know the promises and we know who is going to bring us through to a future full of hope!


4 thoughts on “Intense times and such different “sides”!

  1. Nancy Bartelson says:

    God bless you and your familyTe ena. You are in or prayers. We are friends with Jen Rosner Lessard…her mom and I are best friends. Much love to you. Nancy

  2. Thank you Te’ena for your clear and brave words !

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