New year, new beginnings.

We have just celebrated Rosh Hashanah, which many people call the Jewish New Year. But really, we are celebrating the creation of Adam, not of Avraham, so in a sense it is a New Year for all of humanity!

Pomegranats from our own garden.

Pomegranats from our own garden for Rosh Hashanah.

Either way, it is a great time for new beginnings, so I thought maybe I would take the opportunity to start blogging again. I have missed it, and have written many a blog post in my head, that just never made it to the blog… So here is to hoping for a new start! 🙂

Our Rosh Hashanah table.

Our Rosh Hashanah table.

We had a very good Rosh Hashanah celebration. Of course I really enjoyed the preparations too, – there are so many good times involved! Expectation and preparation, cooking and baking, planning and decorating!

Making Challah napkin rings.

Making Challah napkin rings. The round challot symbolize the cycle of the end of one year and the beginning of a new one.

I very much enjoyed doing a several of these things together with my nine year old daughter this year. She really took ownership and wanted to be involved!

Preparing lots and lots of challot together.

Preparing lots and lots of challot together.

And then as we sit around the decorated table, going through all the traditional blessings and prayers, I try to totally LIVE and be present in the moment. To really taste the apple dipped in honey, and to say each blessing for the new year with intent. I take in the smells and the tastes, looking at the sights of the dear ones around me, friends and family, people so dear to my heart. And you know, to keep it real, it is never all perfect, – however much you prepare, you cannot totally plan how people are going to behave and react. Again a reminder of what LIFE is really all about, – a complex mixture of everything, and our goal is to be able to navigate our own ship with wisdom and love along with the ones who we are to travel together with.


As I look back on this two-day holiday, I have a lot to be thankful for. So many good memories added to the already abundant collection! Good times and conversations with dear friends, along with yummy cups of coffee or glasses of wine. Time to sit back and play with my children. Good food, and plenty of food. As the host I always seem to have a little worry that there is not going to be enough food, especially when there are two-day holidays like this one. My husband reminds me that we always have way too much, but each time anew I have this little thought that maybe this time will be the first time when we will actually run out of food… But again, – we had so much that we had to start giving away leftovers!


One of the highlights was being at the synagogue and hearing the Shofar-blasts. On the first day we went somewhere where they invite the children to come to the front and blow their shofars. Ours had been practicing a bit during the month of Elul, and it was a joy to see and hear them taking an active part in the holiday in this way. The biblical name of this holiday is really “The Feast of the Trumpets” (shofars), so no wonder they are central! The shofar blast is meant to be a wake-up-call to repentance and a reminder to make things right with God and fellow man at this time, leading up to Yom Kippur.


Another special moment was doing Tashlich, which we did on the first afternoon of the holiday. We are blessed to live in Jerusalem, and therefore have the opportunity to go the the Shiloah pool, the ancient water source in the City of David. There we pray the traditional prayers and let go of little rocks into the water, symbolizing a new and fresh beginning. Taking part in these kinds of traditions in such special places at such special times are quite unique experiences, which I feel privileged to be able to have together with my family.

So, with this, I wish all of us a really good new year, full of peace and joy, meaningful learning, health and blessing!


11 thoughts on “New year, new beginnings.

  1. 40eak says:

    I have missed your blogs lovely to see and experience your world.

  2. Bodhild Bugge Aase says:

    Shalom! Så fint at du begynner å bruke bloggen igjen! Det er så lærerikt, og jeg kjenner på gleden ved å kunne følge deg og familien! Tusen takk! Jeg hadde gleden av å ha din mamma på overnatting her nå i august og september. Det var veldig kjekt og givende! Overraskelsen var stor da vi oppdaget at jeg hadde din pappa som elev på Sand realskole i 1969/70! Jeg har fått opp øynene og hjertet for mine jødiske røtter, og elsker Israel og det jødiske folk! Gud velsigne deg og familien! Shanah tovah!

    • Te'ena says:

      Takk for hyggelig kommentar, Bodhild! Flott å høre om kjærligheten for Israel! Og tenk at du hadde pappa som elev! Så liten verden blir av og til! 😊

  3. Ulli says:

    Hi my friend, I am so glad, that you start with the blog again. It is a joy to read it! Many blessings to you all!

  4. STAR says:


  5. Reidunn says:

    Så kjekt å høyre om feiringa dykkar. Ser det for meg….. Må Gud velsigne og halde si nådige hand over oss alle…..

  6. Stine says:

    Hei Te’ena! Så kjekt å ha deg tilbake på bloggen. Har savnet innleggene dine. Jeg blir alltid så oppmuntret av å lese det du skriver. Håper du holder oss fortsatt oppdatert om livet i Jerusalem. Riktig godt nyttår til deg og familien! 😃

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