Holy ground

Today I drove from Jerusalem to Beer Sheva for work, and chose the most direct route; – the way of the patriarchs. It was absolutely beautiful! The hills of Judea, terraced and covered with vineyards and olive-groves with blossoming almond trees randomly dotted in between.

Terraced Judean hills

Terraced Judean hills

And there was something even deeper than this beauty, – the history of this part of the earth is so amazing, the stones are just about speaking to us. On these hills, the patriarchs walked! These were the views they saw. For example Abraham walked there with Isaac when they walked to Mt. Moriah, and Abraham was willing to sacrifice his beloved son. To think of what has happened here, the promises given, the foundations being laid!

This is holy ground.

And we are living the continuation in our generation. The reason for the trip to Beer Sheva was that I was meeting up with four different immigrant families, to help them in the process of settling in the land of their inheritance. So it is continuing. Abraham was the first Jewish immigrant, – and now, thousands of years later, they are still coming. God is returning His people and planting them here. And we get to be a part of it!

Abraham's well

Abraham’s well in Beer Sheva

Those are deep experiences, – connecting points between ancient history and our lives today, – building on the promises of old, with a strong hope for a glorious future!

What a blessed life! 


2 thoughts on “Holy ground

  1. Diane Rosner says:

    It was SO great to read your post dear Tee’na! I have missed hearing from you and hearing your perspective!!! Hugs from Lake Tahoe!! Diane

  2. Veslemøy Bakke says:

    Endelig tilbake 🙂 Har savnet betraktningene dine. Vennlig hilsen Veslemøy i Sandefjord

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