Surreal realities

Tensions are building all throughout my beloved country. I can feel it in the air. And, – I get constant updates about it on my phone! And while I read about the seriously injured woman succumbing to her stab-wounds this afternoon, I also help my 8 year old daughter with her math homework. Because life goes on quite normally next to these very surreal realities, – which unfortunately are way too real!


Two stabbing attacks just today. How can you defend yourself when your enemy comes against you with cars and knives as weapons? Willing to give their own life as long as they get to take some Jewish lives with them in the process? It is so evil. It is beyond sickening. There are no right words for it. It is so inhuman, it is so hard to relate to, we just don’t even know where to start! One thing we can learn from these days, is that there is certainly NO partner for peace to be found among the leaders who encourage such acts!

Then, at the same time, – life goes on. For the past week or so I have been traveling around our beautiful country with a small Norwegian group of tourists. I love being part of the process where people get a connection to the Land of Israel. We had many first impressions, learning experiences, beautiful moments, good conversations and yummy wine!


Today we walked around Jerusalem. Mostly around the area of the old city and the Mount of Olives. And it is funny how it works out, – wherever you go, there are stories to tell! So much has happened right here! There are many layers packed with history under the ground we are walking on! Amazing! And, – I get to call this city my home! What a privilege!


But then, when this city takes up a big part of my heart, it is so heartbreaking when it goes through its deep struggles. Like, when last week I was touring Har Bental on the Golan and all of a sudden got the news that another terrorist attack happened in my beloved Jerusalem! It is like someone punches you in the stomach! It is like someone wants to take away your hope for a future! But, don’t you worry, – we are not going to let them! We have a hope and a future here, – and we know it! Life in Israel teaches you to grow stronger through those moments. We learn to stand together, because that is certainly the way we best can fight the powers of destruction that come against us. Most of all we experience our dependency on the God of Israel! He has brought us this far, – He will bring us through this too!

Here I sit in my own peaceful livingroom, candles lit, hot cider in cup, slippered feet on the coffee table. And I think of – and pray for – the families who have been hit by the recent waves of terror! I pray for the protection of my beloved city and my beloved country! And I am clinging to God’s faithful promises of a future and a hope, – in spite of everything!


3 thoughts on “Surreal realities

  1. Pat Irving says:

    Beautifully stated! We attended the Friends of the IDF Gala dinner/Fund raiser in San Francisco last evening. Got to meet several of the young men and women who serve in the military, Major Ori Ron who, with his team, who destroyed tunnels. Sergeant Eden Bein, a lone soldier from New York, member of the artillery corp/combatant who spoke of the love of her life..Sean Carmeli, a lone soldier from Texas, who served in Golani and fell in battle in Sajaiyah, Gaza. A sad evening in one respect but joyfully …. the attendees supported the IDF with nearly a million dollars raised! Thanks for the lovely up-dates from Jerusalem.

    • Te'ena says:

      Thank you for your nice comment, Pat! And thank you for your support of the IDF! It sure is heartwarming to know that we have friends all over the world! Blessings to you from Jerusalem!

  2. Unni Østhus says:

    This beautiful city with so many wonderful, helpful and lovely peole, and in spite of this; a hatred from the enemies beyond every level!!
    We have to fear God, not man, and we know for sure that the only place to feel safe is in the hands of the Almighty.

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