The summer when I didn’t read any books

As usual I spend the majority of July and August in Norway with my family here. The children are off of school, it is too hot in Israel and very comfortable in Norway, so it has seemed like a good idea to spend a relatively long period here.

The difference this summer, is that the evening before we left, we sat in our bomb shelter  in Jerusalem. The airport we left from had signs at every corner of where to run to the nearest bomb shelter.

Now the children and I have been in Norway for two weeks already. My dear husband was supposed to come and join us in a couple of days from now, but that is not going to happen, as he is out there wearing an IDF uniform defending our country.

Being here in the beautiful land of the midnight sun, while such an ugly war is being fought in the beloved land where we have our home and live our lives, is strange beyond words.

I am really distant geographically, but in my mind, my heart and my prayers, I am SO there! Believe you me!

This is where we are in our spirits these days, - at home, in Jerusalem.

This is where we are in our spirits these days, – at home, in Jerusalem.

Day and night I get updates from Israeli news-sites, and never have I been more active on Facebook, spreading the truth as I see it. And I pray. I pray the Psalms. I pray for protection over my soldier out there, and for all the IDF soldiers out there defending us!

So, – normally during my time in Norway I read a good number of books, enjoying all the free time that comes with summer and being away from home, the nice long days, reading long into the night. This summer I have tried a couple of times, but really, I can’t. Nothing interests me enough to keep me away from the action that keeps on happening constantly, hour by hour, in my home, in Israel!

So here I am again, way past midnight, watching youtube videos of the action in Gaza, the war we fight not against palestinians, but against a terror-organization which still manages to surprise me with how low it is willing to fall. There is no moral what so ever! They are literally fighting with a baby in one hand, a gun in the other! Once the children are older, they give them hand grenades to throw at our soldiers! All the while the bigger terrorists travel around in ambulances to protect themselves!

Oh, God! Free the people in Gaza from Hamas!!! Let Israel finish the job  this time! And keep your protecting Hand over us all!




4 thoughts on “The summer when I didn’t read any books

  1. Pat Irving says:

    Indeed! Let Israel finish the job this time…once and for all! Enjoy your stay out of the country. I suspect your husband would want you to do this and may Hashem be with ALL who are carrying a weapon for Israel! Blessings…P & R

  2. Diane Rosner says:

    Dear Te’ena – My heart is also breaking for what all of you are going through. WE speak to Jen daily and I can’t even express the angst I feel for her and us and all of you.

    This is beyond belief. Please know that we are all so sad. Israel has to fight to exist…but when will there be a day when Israel can exist without fighting. It comes from all sides.

    Try to enjoy your family and the fact that at least you get to see them. WE are not sure IF we will even be able to travel to Israel to see our first grandchild.

    I try to have hope, really I do…but my heart is sick with worry and angst. Thinking of you and your husband and your dear family. Love, Diane Rosner from Lake Tahoe, CA

  3. Jennifer says:

    Every day I am praying for the IDF. May the Lord bring back your husband to you safe and sound.

  4. I was glad to see your post. I follow your blog and have been sending safe thoughts to you and your family. I’m glad to hear your out of harm way. My thoughts and prayers go to your husband as well as you and your children.

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