The End

Today was the last day of school for Israeli school children. It was supposed to be a joyful day, and it was up until a certain point. It was a day filled with hugs and blessings, excitement and celebrations. My children and I were in a shop where my son had just picked out a soccer outfit, still excited over Holland’s victory in the game last night, – when we first heard the rumors. And just like that, the day turned from light and joyful to horribly sad. They found them. All dead. – Really? I could almost not believe it. – No, we are not sure, I was told. – It is only a rumor. There is a press blackout until the 8 o’clock news. We paid and walked out of there. I felt sick to my stomach. Oh, God! Really?? I felt like a balloon that just lost all its air. Somehow I knew deep within that the rumors we just heard were true.


We heard the 8 o’clock news in the car on the way home. And it was confirmed. They were in fact all dead. Murdered. Well at home we stay glued to the TV-screen, going through this storm of emotions together as a people. Deep sadness. Heartfelt grief. Sickening hopelessness.

Representatives from the three different bereaved families came out and spoke with the media, and again their faith and walk amazingly helps strengthen us all. In the midst of this horrible sadness, they talk of how they are thankful for the unity of our people at this time, and ask us all to stay that way.


Almighty father! Please comfort their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends, cousins, uncles, aunts, – all of those who were close to them! 

I must say that I am also thankful for the way this has been handled in Israel. The togetherness. All the focus on prayer. Where else do they tell you on the news to keep praying??

Netanyahu ended his statement with the words: – Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay. 

I was so paralyzed with sadness, that the anger did not really hit me until I started hearing the fireworks from the “celebrations” our enemies were having. AAaahhhhhh! It makes me furious! How can they?!? How can we possibly relate to each other as fellow humans?!

Oh, God!!! Bring justice! We so need You!!



One thought on “The End

  1. ulli says:

    May the peace of God, which is higher than our human understanding, be with their familie and friends! And also with you my dear friends!

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