I like “gradually”…

Friday afternoon… The prince and Abba are out on a baseball game, one as a player, one as a coach. Both having a good time, I hope. The princess is visiting at a friend’s house, social bee as she is.


And here am I, fresh coffee in the cup next to me, a nice, new magazine to read, feet up, the house smelling like granola (which is baking in the oven). Mmmm! Life is good! We have an invitation to some friends’ house for shabbat dinner tonight, so here I am, having an afternoon off! (Of course, the first part of it I spent doing half of my “to-do-when-I-have-a-chance”-list, but that just gives me an even better feeling now! :-))

snack tray

This whole week has been spent gradually getting back into regular everyday life, with the emphasis on gradually… I really like “gradually”, I have decided! The first real day back to work, I first went for a long walk with a dear friend in the streets of Jerusalem, – always a treat.

Jerusalem streets

The next day I took a break in the middle of my work-day and went out to meet another good friend at a coffee-shop, where I had this lovely shake:

anti aging drink

And do you know what it is called?? Anti aging… Recommended to me by the waiter. I didn’t have much of a choice after that.

The afternoons have been good with the children. The teachers have been considerate (maybe they like “gradually” too?), and not given too much homework, so we even had a chance to go for a half hour swim yesterday.


The pool was the only livable place really, because all of a sudden the temperatures hit 35 degrees celsius in Jerusalem. That is hot even in the summer, let alone in April, when we are in no way acclimatized to such heat! Anyway, the pool, combined with sweet, cold, yummy water-melon did the trick once again.


Being the week after Pesach, where we are all craving chametz (nothing gradual there…), I decided to make a pizza night out of our weekly Torah Study Group. We all enjoyed it, – and yes, there was plenty.


Wishing you shabbat shalom from Jerusalem!



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