On our way back to everyday life

Here we are, at the end of yet another day. It has been a good one. This is the first day after the Pesach-holiday, and we are on our way back to everyday life. The children were still home from school, so we are not totally back to normal yet, and it is kind of nice to take it gradually like this.

We tried to get up relatively early, and even set our alarm-clocks, so as to get somewhat used to it before we really need it tomorrow, – and also we went to a circumcision-party for the baby of some friends of ours this morning, and did not want to get there too late.

I ran over to our local grocery store before breakfast to pick up some flour, because now that Pesach is over, we can bring chametz/leaven back into our home. So, I made us fresh pancakes for breakfast. It is alway a hit, and especially today when we had been without that type of food for a week.

pancake breakfast

Pesach has been absolutely lovely. I have so enjoyed all the special moments together with family and friends. But then, when we move back towards normal life again, bring back our regular dishes, our regular foods, – that is really, really nice too. I sense a certain relief even. We made it. We did it. Now we came out on the other side.

Today is the day when we organize our home back to its normal state after Pesach. We move dishes around, and we buy the groceries we had to finish before Pesach, and cook and bake and restock our kitchens with chametz. For us, it is also the day when we finish the children’s homework. Because, when the teachers send them home for almost three weeks on holiday, they apparently only  give them a vacation from the actual school-hours, not from the homework, – where the parents end up in the teacher’s position. (Teachers out there, hear my cry: – Why…??) It is not that we don’t see the importance in the children learning stuff, – we have taken them to a good amount of museums during their break, and given them plenty of learning experiences. I just fail to see the point in these extra work sheets that somehow end up being left till the last day… Anyway, – we did it, finished those too.

running and biking

And then in the late afternoon we went out on a really fun outing, where the kids were on bikes, and my husband and I ran alongside them. We did a 10 K on a beautiful relatively new bike path along the old Jerusalem train tracks. It was a positive experience all around, and we all came home very happy and super motivated to repeat this another time in the near future. Then we had fresh rolls for dinner. Yes, – we are loving our chametz. There is no denying it.

There is a time for everything. And now seems a very good time for some everyday life kind of time.



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