Movie Theater Birthday Party!

Time for another birthday party. Our son turned 10! Yes, it´s a big one. Two digits. He has been counting down for 101 days, so there was certainly no lack of neither expectations nor planning… ;-).

Birthday party preparations. :-)

Birthday party preparations. 🙂

As soon as he started talking about wanting to do a Movie Theater theme for his birthday-party, we were supportive. We liked the non-competitiveness of it, the togetherness. And it seemed like something we could do and control. We got to borrow a huge screen from a friend here in Jerusalem, we already have surround sound set up in our living room, and there has been a projector sitting in our storage room for a long time already.

photo 4-38

I found fun movie-theater themed things like popcorn-cups at a local store, and our son went ahead and designed little movie-theater tickets which served as invitations to his party.

birthday party

We chose Donald Duck movies to be shown at the party, because those are in general clean and ok with everyone, it is a classic that most people like, and it was less likely that kids would complain that they had just watched that movie.

Fun decorating the cake.  Thank you, tante Raggi for the non-stop! :-)

Fun decorating the cake. Thank you, tante Raggi for the non-stop! 🙂

It turned out they all loved it. And it seemed to be helpful that we kept bringing more and more food as well! 🙂 For this group of 9 children I made 6 large pizzas, and 7 bags of popcorn, – oh, and carrot sticks… And, of course, – birthday cake! We chose a really yummy chocolate mousse cake, and they ate almost the whole thing! Several came back for seconds! Growing boys!!

birthday party

It was such a joy to look over at the group of kids, and see happy faces, – and most of all such a content expression on the face of the birthday boy. At the end of the night, he said this was the best party ever! Now, I have to admit, – I think he has said that every single year at his birthday…

Make a wish...

Make a wish…

But I think for me, – this really is one of the favorites. We were never even close to a melt-down. In spite of all the excitement and all the expectations, everything just sort of went along relatively calmly. And for that I am thankful. It was a good experience in every way. Guests genuinely thanked for being invited, and also said it had been the best party ever… (It really is a kid thing, this “best ever”-thing…). I guess for them, life and everything, just keeps on getting better and better. 🙂 Not all bad, really. Not all bad.

birthday cake


2 thoughts on “Movie Theater Birthday Party!

  1. Paula R. says:

    Te’ena, What a fun party idea! I love it. A great idea especially for a winter birthday. I’m sure he was loving having his buddies close around him..just laughing and eating and having fun. Obviously you always go to a lot of effort to make his birthday special with all the fun details. Of course he thought it was his favorite party. Happy Birthday Y!!!!

  2. My oldest turns 10 in April. He has not talked about what type of party he wants yet and I am not sure he even knows. We just read a great book called the big one oh by Dean Pitchford. Maybe your son will like it.
    Anyway, his movie theatre birthday party looks like it was pretty cool.

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