Beautiful Jerusalem days.

All of a sudden I had a little break from blogging again. And the hardest bit about picking it up again, is the thing of, – Where do I begin? How do I explain my absence? What are my excuses?

photo 1-62

So, I think I will just leave that part blank, and jump right into giving you a post of photos of wonderful Jerusalem! We have had some absolutely beautiful winter days lately.


Sharp and cold air, clear wintery blue sky, a sun that is not frying you the same way it does in the summer… I love it!


Also, because we did have some rain, the gras has turned green! Always such a positive and optimistic process. A sign of life!

photo 2-49

I am in my tapering period before the Tiberias marathon right now, so I am holding myself back when it comes to running distance. Believe it or not, but this can be a bit of a challenge.


I have dealt with it by replacing some of the kilometers I would have run, with walks. And the nice thing about walks, is that there is even more of an opportunity to stop and take pictures! πŸ™‚


I just love Jerusalem! The uniqueness of the Jerusalem stone facing just about everywhere. The old fashioned look with all the arches. It is hard to really pinpoint and explain, – but there is certainly a very special atmosphere in Jerusalem.


And letΒ΄s face it, – everyone is looking towards Jerusalem! Be it for faith reasons or political, historical or cultural reasons. It is the center of the world in so many ways.


There is no arguing about the fact, – there is no place like Yerushalayim!



3 thoughts on “Beautiful Jerusalem days.

  1. Star says:

    enjoying the holidays are the
    best reason for a “break” πŸ™‚
    good luck ! on your run…
    I think you have something
    there “heads up” the Pope
    is on his way there soon..
    hmmmm weather in US
    we are breaking 2 decades
    record cold below zero “brrr”

  2. Star says:

    Wow nice just saw your pics
    All amazzzzing πŸ™‚ the last 2
    the reflection of you in the
    mirrored globe scuptcher &
    the horsies gazing upon the
    beauty !!! sweet ::) thanks

  3. T'lia says:

    Oh yours photos made me tear up! Miss this place so much!

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