Slower pace – Better time.

Remember I told you I was planning on doing my longest training run this Sunday? Well, I did it. It turned out to be my longest training run ever, because in my training for the marathon last year this one was cut slightly short. This year, though, I did my full 32 kilometers. And I felt fine! Do you want to know my secret to success?? – A slower pace! That simple. But still, it took me quite a while to arrive at this conclusion. A slower pace gives you a so much better time! So what if it takes a little longer?! Who cares??

the walls of JerusalemMy goal for the upcoming marathon is not to get a finishing time of under four hours, but rather to finish strong. I am hoping to have a good time, rather than to get a good time. Do you understand the difference?

Now this idea of a slower pace leading to a better time, has had me thinking along those lines when it comes to regular life as well. How about if we would just slow our pace a little bit… Maybe we would really end up having a better time?? It is worth trying. So, – I have taken up knitting again… 😉


This evening I could sit and enjoy knitting while our son prepared bread rolls for us all by himself. I was not even allowed in the kitchen. (Good thing I had the knitting to occupy my hands. This slower pace thing takes a little bit of getting used to…)

baker boyAnyway, our baker did a great job. The bread rolls came out totally YUMMY!

baking success

I am so happy for him to have such building experiences of succeeding at something he goes for.

fresh dinner rollsAnd hey, the more the children want to take over in the kitchen, the more knitting I get to do. Slower pace – better time! Yes, I think I could get used to this!


One thought on “Slower pace – Better time.

  1. Janne says:

    Sant, smart…og vanskelig..!! Du imponerer fremdeles med løpingen. Her er det full…stopp…!! :-O Men du vet …nå kommer 1. januar… med nye muligheter!! ;.D

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