SNOW in Jerusalem!

Oh, what joy when we woke up to snowflakes swirling in the air this morning! The excitement level was great as we ran from window to window to determine where the snow was sticking best to the ground. After a quick breakfast, we put on the most suitable clothing we could find, and ventured out into this white winter wonderland it was becoming out there!

snow in our Jerusalem gardenWe made our way up the street, making snowballs as we went.

snow in Jerusalem

And we made “angels”…

angels in the snowI always love seeing Palm trees covered with snow, having grown up in Norway with plenty of snow experiences, but no Palm trees.

palm trees with snowThe same goes for the citrus trees.

Citrus tree with snowAnd guess who we met on our way up the street??

snow in JerusalemYes, Savta! (Grandma) She is a tour guide and was waiting for her bus, and so we got a ride, and went for a spontaneous trip to see the Old City covered in snow!

Snow in JerusalemIt turned out a challenging bus ride, as the traffic was completely chaotic with cars getting stuck and sliding around etc. We are so not prepared for driving in the snow in this country! So, the bus and the group decided to leave the city as soon as possible, and we got off to explore the Old City on our own.

Snow in Jerusalem

It was so special to see all these familiar places with the magic cover of snow!

Snow in JerusalemI just love the rare combination of the Jerusalem stone walls and snow!

the Kotel in snowAnd look at this! The Kotel / Western Wall all white with snow!! Such a special sight for the eye!!!

Kotel in the snowYes, it was pretty cold and wet too…

Kotel in the snowBut, oh, so very special! And, this is the first time since 1956 that Jerusalem had snow in December.

Kotel in the snow

On our way out we walked through the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.

snow in JerusalemAnd we were very happy to find that The Jewish Quarter Cafe was open!

Jewish Quarter CafeSo we enjoyed some warmth and dryness as well as some totally yummy hot chocolates there. I always love the view from this place, – and look at it today!!

throwing snowballs in JerusalemThe kids made snowballs pretty much constantly, wherever we were.

throwing snowballs in JerusalemThey loved dropping them down somewhere, and listen to them land.

throwing snowballs in JerusalemAnd then there was the sliding on the snow…

sliding on the snow in Jerusalem

Who needs a sled…?!?

sliding on the snow in JerusalemWhere there is a will there is a way… Here they are sliding down the hillside of Mt. Zion.

snow in JerusalemI spot a boy in this photo looking for a good place to slide down the hill. Can you see him?

snow in JerusalemAnd how about the girl in this photo, – can you find her??

snow in JerusalemI loved seeing the Israeli flags outside of Mt. Zion hotel on our way home. They looked just perfect there in the midst of the snow!

snow in JerusalemThe temperatures were rising, and the snow was melting, which was kind of alarming because there was so much more that we wanted to do with it!!

a snowball fight in JerusalemBut we are blessed to live in one of the Jerusalem neighborhoods with higher altitude, so as we got closer to home, we found plenty of snow, and had ourselves a really good snowball-fight!

snow in Jerusalem

And the good things is, – they have promised us another snow day tomorrow! Maybe an even better one!!! It sure looks great out there with the snow falling down right now!


7 thoughts on “SNOW in Jerusalem!

  1. Jerusalem er en vakker by, spesielt når den er dekket av snø! essverre har jeg bare sett Jerusalem under alle de andre årstidene.
    Snø er morsomt for både barn og voksne, spesielt når man ser det så sjelden!

  2. Guatemalan friend says:

    Searching for the keywords snow Jerusalem in Google is how I found your blog about a year ago. Such a good read to get to know they day to day life in Israel. I love your posts, so filled with joy and happiness. Thank you. God bless.

  3. star says:

    your enthusiastic joy is refreshing!!!
    & warms my heart 🙂

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