Winter has arrived

Winter is most definitely here. From last week till this week we had a temperature drop of 20 degrees Celsius. That is pretty big. So, we have dug out winter comforters and electric sheets, winter jackets, hats and scarves etc. We have brought out our sheep-skins and the reindeer-skin that we brought back from Norway in the summer. Candles there were already a lot of, so, yes, well, there still are.

winter decor

And when I showed you this photo, I also have to show you this one:


The organizer next to the phone is a post-hanukkah gift for myself. It was just exactly what I needed for that spot, as it tended to be pretty much constantly cluttered. And now there is a system in the mess. (*So much better to have a system in the mess, than a mess in the system…)

cookie making

Back to the weather: Today was particularly stormy outside. So much so that quite a bit of students did not show up at school. This is when our daughter pipes up, – they don’t understand, – this could have been Norway in the summer…

cookie making

Anyway, we have stayed cozy and close to heaters for as much as we could today. And, – we made yummy Peanut butter cookies. Did I say “we”? Because that is not true. It was not “we” who did it, – it was our princess who did it. Pretty much all by herself. So I got to sit down with yet another cup of coffee. Not all bad.


Other than that we have been watching the temperatures today. Because there is a rumor out there that says that maybe, just maybe, we might get some snow in Jerusalem…! Now, that would be pretty cool! In every meaning of the word.

temperature drop

And now after the kids were in bed, besides keeping an eye on the temperatures and the weather outside, I have been enjoying scrapbooking, for the second night in a row. I needed a fun and cozy winter project now after Hanukkah, and this has been just right. I am way behind on the photo albums I am making for both of the children, but I am trying not to stress about it, but rather enjoy and celebrate every page. Look at the last one I made.

scrapbooking page

Kind of fitting for a cold winter night to enjoy warm summer memories, don’t you think?

snow flakes

Ok, friends, I am off to bed, to dream of a white tomorrow, or maybe after tomorrow… oh, how nice that would be…


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