Birthday Party Trip

In our house we start planning birthdays months in advance, and the plans change several times along the way. I dream along with the children, and then when we come across something that I really want to encourage, I do just that. This time, it was when our little princess started to talk about wanting to do a trip as her birthday party. We had fun planning where to go, what to bring, whom to invite etc. etc.

girls in the carAnd off we went! The party of course started already in the car! It was a real joy to listen to the excited girls in the back seat! We had two cars, – thank you, Savta (Grandma), who was willing to come along and drive the other car!

The place we were headed to, was En Gedi, a beautiful oasis in the Judean desertEn GediWe hiked from waterfall to waterfall.

En GediIt was actually warm enough for the children to really get into the waterfalls.

En GediThey loved it.

En GediAnd we enjoyed the hike in between as well.

En GediAlong the way we came close to interesting wildlife.

And afterwards we did our birthday picnic by the Dead Sea, – or the Sea of Life, which it is also called.

Birthday picnicI had bought all this fun stuff to make it all beautiful and festive, but by the time we had our picnic, the (warm) wind was so strong that I was glad it did not all fly away. (So, – we told the kids to hold on to their plates…)

birthday cupcakesThe main thing is, – the birthday girl was happy.

birthday girlAnd so were her guests.

birthday picnic I had made Cookies and Cream Cupcakes, upon request from the birthday girl.

cookies and cream cupcakeWe had pitas with various spreads and vegetable sticks in addition to the cupcakes and other sweets.

birthday picnic

I think that from now on, we will do our birthday parties as trips! Great experiences! Very bonding. You get to know each other better, and you get to learn about places in the country you live in. (And, – you don’t have to clean up at home afterwards…)

By the way, her friends were also saying they wanted birthday party trips for their next birthdays! Now, that is a good measure of success, isn’t it??


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