What is Hanukkah all about??

We have been counting down days, hours and minutes, – and here we are! It is Hanukkah! The house is all decorated. The gifts are wrapped. The cookies are baked. The fridge is filled to the rim with all kinds of goodies. Life is really, really good.

Hanukkah gifts

I thought that maybe I would take this opportunity to explain the basics of what we are celebrating in Hanukkah, for those who are not as familiar with it. It will not cover everything, of course, as that is impossible in a little blog post. 🙂

Hanukkah cookies

The name “Hanukkah” means “Dedication”, and this refers to the rededication of the Temple. The Greeks had occupied the land of Israel, and forbid anything that had to do with Jewish faith and tradition. They even took over the temple and made it unclean in all kinds of different ways.

Hanukkah cookies

One of the saddest things was that there were Jews who left their faith and people, to join the Greeks and their ways. The Jews who stayed faithful to their Jewish faith and the God of Israel, were the Maccabees. They kept on living faithful Jewish lives in spite of the danger this put them under.

Wrapping Hanukkah gifts

Wrapping Hanukkah gifts

So there was this war going on between the Greeks and the Maccabees. And at one point the Maccabees, lead by Judah the Maccabee and his brothers, were able to recapture the Temple. A newer tradition tells that in the process of cleansing and dedication of the Temple, it was very important to light the Menorah, which of course was lit by oil. They only found a small jar of oil, enough for only one day. But this is where God did yet another miracle; the oil lasted for eight whole days! Enough time to bring new oil.

Hanukkah candles

So the Maccabees were able to light the Menorah and rededicate the Temple, – and they stayed a separate Jewish people, and did not all become part of the Greek occupiers. This is certainly worth celebrating!!

Hanukkah gifts

May we always stay faithful to God and His call to us! And, thinking of the fact that God has said that He will dwell in us, we are in a sense His temple, – let us take this opportunity and rededicate ourselves to Him!


One thought on “What is Hanukkah all about??

  1. ulrike.plank@yahoo.de says:

    Amen to that! Let us stay faithful to God and his call to us! Thanks for sharing and remembering us to that.

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