Homemade edible dreidels

We have been talking about this craft for a little while, and decided that Friday would be a good day for a this special one. So finally, – we made edible sevivonim / dreidels for Hanukkah. (*Who knows if there will be any left by the time Hanukkah comes around… oh, well, then there will be other goodies!)

edible dreidels

Here is what you need:

ingredients for edible dreidels

Marshmallows, Pretzel sticks and Hershey kisses. (And Nutella, which we soon found out by experience.)

You make a hole in the Marshmallow, which you stick the Pretzel through.

making edible dreidels

The idea was that you were going to make a whole in the chocolate too, and stick the pretzel into that. But that did not work. (We had to suffer through eating broken chocolates and pretzels as we learnt this the hard way. ;-)) So, we used “glue” instead (glue = Nutella or Peanutbutter or something like that).

making edible dreidels

This worked very well, and we were able to finish the project really fast.

edible dreidels

We also decorated for Hanukkah on Friday, which is not a minimalistic project in this home…

hanukkah decorations


One thought on “Homemade edible dreidels

  1. Paula R. says:

    How cute is that? I love it and may have to do it this year… Quickly. Bubbs is just having an awareness this year about Hanukkah and notices the decorations in the stores. Fun project!
    Thanks for sharing.

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