A Pre Hanukkah Party

Hanukkah is in the air. There is no denying it. We are now only, let me check, – 6 days, 20 hours and 54 minutes away from Hanukkah! I love seeing the decorations and Hanukkiot popping up all over Jerusalem!

Hanukkah is in the airAnd here at home we actually had a little bit of a taste of Hanukkah last night with my parents, because they left early this morning. We have already been playing with the sevivonim (dreidels) for a while.

dreidel gameAnd we have tasted the sufganiot (doughnuts) already. But yesterday we went to the top of the line place, to get the very best for bestemor and bestefar before they had to leave.

getting sufganiot at roladinThey really do have a great selection. I went for an oreo-cream-filled one this time. Yum!!

sufganiot from roladinDon’t tell anyone, – but we even lit the hanukkiot…!! It was like it was the first night already, – except for the blessings. And what did we do as the candles were burning? Yes, we let our prince choose, – and the decision came easily: – We played Monopoly! And guess who won?? The prince himself. It was a good night in every way! hanukkah monopoly nightWe have so enjoyed having the Norwegian grandparents here with us. They really know how to spend good quality time with the children. I have totally lost count on how many games they played together when they were here, – and they even read several long chapter-books together. One of them twice!

reading with bestemor

Now we just spoke with them on the phone, and they have arrived safely back home in Norway. Surreal how fast one travels. It is sad to think of the long distance. I wish it would be easier to pop by each other’s homes and stuff. But really, I am so thankful that my parents come to visit as often as they do, and that we get to spend summers in Norway. We get a lot of time together, and the children and them have established a wonderful relationship, for which I am truly grateful.


One thought on “A Pre Hanukkah Party

  1. Sounds like the holiday has already been a great time. I hope it gets even. better when it actually happens.
    Chagrin Sameach.
    P.S. Have not seen you over at MMK in a while.

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