Hanukkah is coming…!

hanukkah is coming

We are less than two weeks away from Hanukkah, believe it or not! And in spite of the fact that the holiday lasts for eight whole days and all of that, we still feel that there is so much to enjoy that even eight days is not enough… So we claim the whole month of Kislev as our Hanukkah-month!

playing with sevivonim

We have brought out our Hanukkah-dreidels or sevivonim as we call them in Hebrew. We have collected them throughout the years, so we have quite a few, – and we love them all! The kids play with them in all sorts of ways. They sort them into groups and make families of them. They see how long they can get them to spin. They see how many they can get to go at the same time. They spin them upside down! And then there is the traditional dreidel-game of course. More about that in another post.

craft making

This week we also set up a permanent Hanukkah-craft-station on our dining room table. We anyway eat most of our meals during the week on our kitchen-bar, so it was good to get some more use out of our dining room table, don’t you think?

craft station

Until now we have mostly focused on window-decorations and dreidel-making-crafts. It is so much fun! Even I really enjoy it! Which makes the kids have a blast! (They are like: “Abba, – you are missing out!!!)

dreidel making

The dreidels we have made from CDs that we decorate with glas-decor-paint and then glue a big marble to it with hot glue. So easy! We have practically been mass-producing them! 🙂

dreidel making

We have moved our garden bench (which I made from a baby bed) inside for the winter (in hope of lots of rain outside). Now we have it right alongside our dining room table, which I also turned around to face the window. Nice with a little bit of a change and new look without having to actually buy anything!

I like the fact that it gives a more friendly and less formal look. It sort of invites to a fun game night, or just relaxed meals with family and friends. Or a craft station, like we have had this week!

shabbat table

And now the craft station is tidied away for the coming of Shabbat. We are looking forward to sitting around the table with grandparents from both sides tonight, and also a very sweet soldier who we count as part of our family.

shabbat table

Ok, I have to go stick the challot in the oven. Shabbat shalom from Jerusalem to you all!


One thought on “Hanukkah is coming…!

  1. Franziska says:

    Shabbat shalom and have a wondereful erev Shabbat !

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