Another trip-day.

I have had another one of my work related trip days. Today the trip went to Haifa, where I met seven families from different communities in the north.

Haifa Mall

I have actually been feeling a bit “under the weather” for the last few days, so if it was not for the fact that I had already made these appointments, I probably would have just stayed home and laid low today. Anyway, it all worked out, and there were even enjoyable moments!


I had a good time in the car driving through the Land of Israel. I listened to a CD I love, but that I for some reason had not listened to for a while. One of the songs is about us coming back to Eretz Yisrael, and about the holiness of the Land. Listening to this, while looking at the views of the beautiful hills of Samaria, the sun reflecting on the Mediterranean, cities built on hilltops, fruit-trees and fields of agriculture, – it was just perfect! (I even sang out loud, with my voice which is now very influenced by the fact that I have a bad cold… Good thing I was alone in the car!)


My time in Haifa started with a cup of mint tea and ended with a cup of vanilla flavored coffee, – so yeah, not all bad. (The shop we use there, has some really nice people who called in the morning to find out when I was coming, and when they heard I wasn’t feeling well, they immediately promised me a cup of tea upon arrival!) The seven families each received their needed item, be it a refrigerator, a washing machine or a cookings stove, – and all left very thankful. And I again felt uplifted by the fact that I get to be a part of such a meaningful thing as helping the people who God has brought back, settle in their homeland! What a blessing!

coffee with a dear friend

The cup of coffee I had with a dear friend who is a Jerusalemite at heart but for the time being lives in Haifa. It is always a treat to get together with her, and was definitely one of the bright points of my trip today.


One thought on “Another trip-day.

  1. Franziska says:

    dear Te’ena, I am always very grateful for your enjoyable entries in your blog, they make my day! Shabbat shalom to you and your family!

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