Shabbat with uniquely shaped challot

It’s Saturday night. Motze Shabbat. After Shabbat has gone out. The Shabbat-flowers are still beautifully decorating our home. And the atmosphere of Shabbat has not quite left yet. Oh, how I LOVE Shabbat! What is not to love, really?? You get a very real break from the pressures of regular life. You get to sit back and just enjoy what you prepared before Shabbat. You get the gift of TIME.


This morning we went to the Western Wall. How I love to sit there, and just BE. I am reminded of the verse from Psalm 84,10 about that it is better to have one day in His courts than thousands elsewhere. It is good to pray and read the Torah at the Kotel, but I also love to just be there and be quiet and rest in the Presence of the Almighty. He, of course, is present everywhere, but really, when He had to choose One place to make His special dwelling place, – this is the place He chose. What a privilege to live within walking distance to this place!!


Then, in the afternoon it was nice to just sit and read and rest in the couch at home, and to be with family. My parents are here, so are a three generations family right now. Good times.


Last night we had a long table with 12 of us around it. We love having guests, and also believe in hospitality. Always be ready to receive guests, – because you never know, all of a sudden you could entertain angels without even knowing it! We read about this happening to Abraham some weeks ago. This Shabbat we read about Ya’acov and his encounter with angels, and his dream about the ladder with angels going up and down on it.

Challah dough

When the children came home from school yesterday, my challah-dough was more than ready to be shaped into challot and I asked if they wanted to help, which sometimes they want to and sometimes they would rather do something else. This time both really wanted to, and they had specific ideas as to what they wanted to make.

shaping challot

He wanted to make Ya’acov’s ladder, with an angel on the side that could climb up and down it. And she made Ya’acov sleeping with a rock under his head. She also made an angel who would bless Ya’acov. (I can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures of their finished products! Next time…)

shaping challot

I loved how they came up with these ideas by themselves and had such a sweet time shaping their challot. These challot also make sure your conversations around the dinner table include the text from the parasha.

children shaping challotNow we have started a new week, so I want to wish you all Shavua tov, – A good week! See you around! 🙂


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