Fulfilled prophecies and trip to the beach…

One of my jobs quite regularly sends me on trips around the country, where I meet with immigrants and assist them in practical ways in their process of settling in their homeland. Today was one of those days, and I was in the coastal town of Ashdod and met with three families in that area.


I find this both meaningful and rewarding, – because I strongly believe in it! I so believe in the building of a Jewish homeland, – and the return of the Jewish people is a central part of that! This was prophesied thousands of years ago, – God would bring His people back home from all the corners of the earth. It is happening now in our days! And I get to have first row seats in watching it happening! Not only that, – I get to take part in it! Exciting stuff!!


A good friend here in Jerusalem came with me on my trip today, – which made the whole day even better! We were going to get together for coffee, and just spontaneously decided to have that coffee in Ashdod!


This friend is also very much on fire for Israel and the Jewish people returning from exile, so she has for a long time been talking about coming on one of those trips.


A fringe benefit is of course the trip in itself. As much as we love Jerusalem, it is nice to from time to time get out and breath some different air. We both love everything about the sea, – the sight, the air, the sound, the smell, the feel of it!! So this is us having a good time at the beach after being done with the work-related part of our trip. 🙂



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