All kinds of moments.

Today has been one of those days which has had  all kinds of moments. Challenging moments. Beautiful moments. Fun moments. Loud moments. Sweet moments. Trying moments. Tiring moments. I will focus on the second part of my day here, – which is the one with the better moments. (But just for the record, – my life has the other type of moments too!)

sweet girls

Our social princess had not only one, but two friends over this afternoon. She was very focused and efficient with lunch and homework and everything today, so as to get everything ready for her little friends to arrive. She cleaned her room (we should have them come every day!!), she put on a nice dress, and then she went out to wait for them by the gate. Oh, what joy and excitement when they arrived! Hugs and smiles as though they had not seen each other for months! Who would have known that they had been together at school a couple of hours before?! (*Oh, and they did speak on the phone in between! Naturally.)

girls baking

The program for today’s get-together was planned to be cookie-baking. The little host gave out aprons for her little guests, and all three dug into the dough!

girls baking cookies

They were a real joy to watch. Encouraging and helping each other. Complimenting each other and giving each other ideas. They cut out shaped cookies, and the most popular ones were the letter-shaped ones. And then there was the decorating of course. Fun stuff!

decorated cookies

Dinner time was louder than usual, but most definitely also funner than usual! Our seven year old had set the menu, – pasta with a choice of toppings, because she does not know any child that does not like pasta. I liked that they also ate lots of veggies, – and of course they made a toast with cucumbers and peppers as well as with the glasses! Having kids around makes for many fun moments, and hardly any boring ones.

cheers at dinner


2 thoughts on “All kinds of moments.

  1. Pat Irving says:

    This is all very sweet and wonderful..You are a patient, loving Mom. Now put YOUR feet up and relax!

  2. Glad the play date was such a hit between the interesting foods and cleaned rooms.
    P.S. Have not hear from you in a while over at memyselfandkids

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