New week, new month, new opportunities

It is a new week. And not only that, – today is the first day of a new Jewish month. And we don’t pass on an opportunity to celebrate! 🙂 I really like the fact that we in Jewish tradition make such a point of times like these. It gives us so many opportunities for new beginnings!

My blueberry muffins from the women's group this morning

My blueberry muffins from the women’s group this morning

I want to make use of this new beginning to remind myself to live more in the moment. To take time to stop and just LIVE! Like  right now, I hear my two lively children jabbering away, singing happily, having a jolly good time. And honestly, – their energy-level can be quite tiring on me! But I know that one day I will miss hearing them like this! I will long for these happy  uncomplicated days. So, – I should enjoy them NOW! I want to LIVE them NOW. To be really present right now.

They are some of my favorites!

They are some of my favorites!

We are starting the month of Kislev, – the month of Hanukkah, – can you believe it?! Less than a month to Hanukkah!!! (What happened to fall this year? Did we just skip it??) We are entering the season of Lights and Miracles! I love it! So many moments to enjoy! I am wishing you all a wonderful month of Kislev! Enjoy the moments!


4 thoughts on “New week, new month, new opportunities

  1. Franziska says:

    Thank you, dear sister, for always giving us an uplifting !

  2. janneaanobo says:

    Recipe please…. 🙂

    • Te'ena says:

      Yes, Janne, I will definitely write the recipe here on the blog! Thought maybe I had written it before, but I see that I have referred to blueberry muffins three times, but never given the recipe… And seeing that it is one of my favorites… It will come, – one of these days!

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