Chocolate mousse for a wonderful shabbat!

Shabbat is getting closer! Oh, what a wonderful feeling! This has been a full and busy week (*which kind of gives me second thoughts about if it is a good idea to add a tour guide course to my life right now…), and Shabbat is going to be sooooo good! Just to have the time to sit there with my loved ones. To talk, to read, to play, to have a break, to have a different day. To go to the synagogue and get that foretaste of heaven. To just be. Wow, that is the life!

I am blessed to also enjoy what fills my everyday life during the weeks, but honestly, I don’t know what I would be doing if I didn’t get a Shabbat at the end of every week! Really! It is just so perfect how it gives you time to recharge your batteries, to regain perspective in life, to have time to the things that really matters. Oh, what a blessing Shabbat is! God really knew what He did when He gave us that blessing!!

shabbat flowers

During the last couple of months I have made chocolate mousse for dessert for Shabbat several times. It is easy, it is quick, it is yummy! What is not to love? So, I thought I would share the recipe with you guys.

Here is what you need:


You melt the chocolate, and let it cool slightly.  You whip the cream and put it aside. Then you whip up the eggs and the sugar until it doubles in bulk. And then you just need to combine it all. Add the cocoa and the melted chocolate to the egg mixture until combined. Then carefully fold in the whipped cream until it becomes a mousse. (I use parve cream so that it becomes a parve dessert, as we normally have meat for Shabbat dinner.) If you want to, decorate it with a bit of cream and grated chocolate on top. See, – sooo easy!

chocolate mousse

I have often made it in individual bowls, but as we are invited over to my in-laws tonight, and bringing it there, it was easier in one big bowl. (I found the recipe on



4 thoughts on “Chocolate mousse for a wonderful shabbat!

  1. Unni Osthus says:

    I can tell you; the desert is good, even with the special cream!
    I’m looking forward to taste it one more time:-)

    • Veslemøy says:

      Hei! Har savnet deg og hverdagsbetrakningene dine! Hyggelig at du er tilbake. Vi kom hjem fra Israel forrige uke, og var bla i Jerusalem noen dager, du er heldig som kan bo der :-)) Det er noe rart med det landet, når man først har vært der får man lyst å reise tilbake igjen!!

      • Te'ena says:

        Hei Veslemøy! Takk for koselig kommentar! Du har helt rett, – det er virkelig noe med at når man først har vært i Israel en gang, så sitter man ikke igjen med en sånn “been there, done that” følelse, – det er mer en følelse av at man må tilbake igjen!

    • Te'ena says:

      Takk for kommentar, mamma! Det er kjekt å ha deg her! 🙂

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