Enjoying small town America.

After our adventures in large US cities; LA, San Francisco and New York, we moved on to quieter days in beautiful picturesque  New England. We stayed for almost two weeks in the small town of Washington, Connecticut.

New England river

It is green and lush, peaceful and quiet. And where we stayed had neither internet nor cellphone connection! Talk about change of pace!! It took a little bit of getting used to, but wow, did we enjoy wonderful days there!!


We stayed with my husband’s grandmother, and here is us enjoying a nice dinner on her terrace:


We took nice little strolls with her, and made lots of sweet shared memories.

walk with GG

We went to the fun library in Washington Depot several times, where we took out tons of books, puzzles and movies.

library visit

The sad bit was that we said goodbye to Abba very early on during our stay in New England, as he had to go back to Israel to work and study while we got to continue our vacation…

goodbye abba

…so we just had to enjoy everything for him too…

playing crocket

I totally lost count of how many times we played crocket in the back yard.


We played lots of games on Gran’s nice card table.


And our little princess had her tea parties…

little girl tea party

…which of course were funnest when shared with little cousins.

little girls tea party

little girls

We made several fun trips to the lake, which were also great when done with cousins!

lake with cousins

And look at the fun whale we made with our new aunt! We love her!!

sand whale

We were excited to be able to finally be in the States for 4th of July, – which we have always celebrated elsewhere, and it is just not quite the same…

4th of July

Now we enjoyed seeing all the flags and feeling the atmosphere of everyone celebrating together. We had a fun barbecue with family, and watched a beautiful fireworks show in the evening.

4th of July

We had to take the children out of school early for this trip, but boy, did they learn A LOT during these weeks! There is the obvious, – the speaking of the English language, and the learning of American geography and all of that. But just to learn about different cultures, and the way people live in different places, and meeting different kinds of people, traveling, – we have all learnt SO MUCH!!! We have been blessed with so many different kinds of experiences on this trip! I am very thankful for them all!

Savta and Becca

I am very glad that we were together with my mother in law on this part of the trip. She is also the one who grew up here, and was able to show us the place from the inside, so to speak.

One highlight for our baseball boy was when he got to join a baseball game with an American Baseball Camp. He was absolutely speechless with joy!


We had all kinds of fun little outings. One of them to an Indian Reserve where we learnt all kinds of things about American Indians. The children even got to dress up as Indians! Fun stuff!


We have had a really good trip. And I am especially thankful for all the good family times we have had. I think the multi generational family ties have been strengthened, and the children have more of a sense of their American family background.

3 generations


2 thoughts on “Enjoying small town America.

  1. Paula R. says:

    Te’ena… I just loved this post!!! How wonderful that you were able to experience small town, America! What a wonderful trip you’ve had and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    I’m sure you will return home with full hearts and memories made. It truly was a trip of a lifetime-and how wonderful your children are old enough to remember it. What an awesome summer you’ve had so far!

    I love connecting with family and spending time together with grandparents. I’m glad your kids have a greater sense and understanding of their American heritage, as well.
    I’m sure Seth’s extended family just adored you and their cousins. What fun!

    I love summer at the lake. It’s the perfect summer experience. I’m so excited you got to experience the 4th of July here in the states for a change! There is nothing like it.

    I’m glad you ended your trip in Connecticut and were able to unwind and unplug for awhile before you gear up for your trip home.
    Thanks for sharing your trip highlights with us and for letting people know there are so many wonderful places to explore in America!
    Shalom from Colorado!

  2. hollykaann says:

    How wonderful for you all! I love the pictures with family- the most important thing. You have seen parts of my country that I have not seen yet but hope to. Thanks for sharing.

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