One day in New York.

We flew over from San Francisco to New York, and had an evening with family there, then one full day of seeing the city, and then we left for Connecticut the following day. So, – here are some things we did on that one full day.

First Subway stop was China Town…

China Town New York

The kids got fun signs for their doors. They chose the theme of their poster, and then the artist wrote their names on them right there. Fun!

Then we took the Subway to Times Square. What a New York place!! You just look up at all these tall buildings with huge screens on them! It is such a non stop kind of place!

Times Square

We visited the huge toy-store there, with the Ferris-wheel inside of it!!! And look who we met outside the shop:

Toys R Us at Times Square

We had lunch at a place where they sold pizza for a dollar a slice… Just perfect! 🙂


A highlight for our baseball-boy was to visit the Yankees Store, of course. We all got new baseball-caps! 🙂


And our Hello Kitty girl loved to visit a Hello Kitty store:

Hello Kitty

We took a trip on the Staten Island Ferry (*which by the way is free!).

Staten Island FerryGot to take a look at the Statue of Liberty.

on the Staten Island Ferry

Later we went to Ground Zero, saw the Freedom Tower and went shopping at Century 21. Afterwards we picked up various take-away-foods, and sat out on the Brooklyn Bridge and had dinner watching the view of the skyline of New York by night.

New York by night

We will come back to New York again at the end of our trip in the States, but then it will just be the children and me, so it was nice to cover the basics when we still had our Abba with us. He loves New York, and it is really nice to tour a city with someone who has that type of relationship to the place. I cannot say that I feel the same way about the city, but somehow being there with him, gives me a certain excitement about the place as well! 🙂


2 thoughts on “One day in New York.

  1. Wow, you made the most of one day in the city.
    Kosher pizza for a $ a slice. Where? I’ll have to go.

  2. Talia says:

    Oh you are making we want to visit New York! Fantastic adventure!!

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