San Francisco!

So, after driving up the coast from Los Angeles, after two days, we made it to San Francisco. The very first evening we were there, we went out to see the sunset by the famous Golden Gate bridge. We had heard it is often very foggy in this area of the world, but we were blessed with very clear days, – although it felt very cold to us.



And we felt very welcome there!


The following morning, we headed straight for the California Science Museum. And what a great place! If any of my readers are ever in the area of San Francisco, – this is a place I am recommending to go see! We were able to go to two Planetarium Shows, – and wow, what great learning experiences! One was all about earthquakes, and one was about space and the galaxies and all that.

California Science Museum

This place also had a rainforest and an aquarium!

California Science Museum

We could have spent sooo much longer there!

space ice cream

Our son purchased an ice-cream made for being eaten in spaceships…

eating space ice cream

And yes, it tasted like ice cream…

Our daughter got a Penguin Imma and baby, whom she has named Pima and Puma…

Becca and Savta

After some fun hours at the museum, we went to visit wonderful friends from Israel who are now living in San Francisco, working at Pixar, which gave us entrance to Pixar.

friends at Pixar

We got a tour of the place, the day before the movie Monsters University came out.

Monsters University

From here we headed straight to China Town. No one is wasting any time when you only have a couple of days in a city with tons of stuff to do and see…

china town

And of course, one of the things San Francisco is most famous for, is its Cable Cars that climb those amazingly steep hills. So here we are waiting for one of those:

cable car in San Francisco

And here I am hanging off of one of them…

San FranciscoIt fascinates me to think of the fact that a modern city like San Francisco chose to keep these old trolleys for their transportation, while an ancient city like Jerusalem has decided to put in a very modern light rail system!



One of the high-lights of my time in San Francisco was running a half marathon with the love of my life! What a way to see a city!


One thought on “San Francisco!

  1. Paula R. says:

    Te’ena.. Your trip just keeps getting better and better! How awesome you shared these amazing experiences with your in-laws. Your kids are the perfect age to absorb and appreciate a trip like this. I can’t believe you got to visit Pixar! What a special and rare opportunity. I love San Fran and the beauty and nostalgia of the city-love the cable cars!
    How fun that you got to do a marathon while there! That’s the icing on the cake for you, I’m sure. Speaking of sweets…San Fran has amazing bakeries and sweet treats. I hope you were able to sample the sweet fare!

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