Disney Land!!!

As soon as we knew we were going to Los Angeles, the question of Disney Land came up. Naturally. As we are traveling with a seven year old and a nine year old. And it soon became clear that it would be very hard not to include it in our plans.

Disney Land

However, our time in LA was short, and all we could spare for Disney Land was one day. As we started looking into it, we soon realized that there areeven two parks now. Disney California Adventure Park and Disney Land. Each of them a huge adventure park with activities enough for several days. So…. in the end…. we decided to do them both in one day! And what a day it was!!!

Disney LandIt was a day with highs and lows. One of the lows being getting ready to pay for the whole thing… another one being a moment of winy kids and thinking that this is what we just spent a little fortune for!! But really, there were plenty of highs to make up for it! Our prince telling us this must be the funnest place on earth, was one of them! And really, the whole place is pretty magical! The imagination and the fantasy it must have taken to come up with it all, and make this fairytale place a reality for kids to come to experience! It certainly is something that makes a huge impression that we will always remember.

Here is our son in front of Flo’s Cafe. Car’s Land was one of the main reasons for us to get a combination ticket that also included California Adventure Park.

Cars LandHere we are meeting up with Lightning Mc Queen, the star of the show. He was driving along, talking with people. It was pretty cool after having watched his movies numerous times, to finally “meet” him! Later our prince even got to go racing with him!

Car's LandOur daughter loved being able to go in to Minnie Mouse‘s house. And here is a photo of her in Minnie’s garden:

Disney LandWe did our share of rides. Fun stuff, for those who like that type of thing… Here are the boys in our family in a roller coaster that took them for a ride upside down…

California Adventure ParkSome of the absolute highlights for me were the shows in the evening. First the fireworks in Disney Land. It is definitely the most impressive fireworks I have seen in my life! And combined with music and story telling, it was really magical!

Disney LandThen there was the water show in California Adventure Park (*Another bonus of the combination ticket). It was really amazing. They were even screening short film clips on a screen of water!!! The combination of light, water and music was breathtaking!

California Adventure ParkWe don’t know if we will ever be back in this area of the world, so we are glad we made the most of our time, and even did both parks in a day. It is doable, you just have to realize you are not going to be able to do it all.

Disney LandEnjoy what you do, and take it all in, – and sleep in the car on the way home!


3 thoughts on “Disney Land!!!

  1. Paula R. says:

    Te’ena… I’m so glad you guys made the effort to go to Disney Land. There truly is no other place like it. We can hardly wait to take Jr.
    I know you made a ton of memories in just one day. The Disney fireworks are the best ever… And set to Disney songs… It’s so sentimental and magical. I know it’s a high price to visit the parks, but you’ve made memories to last a lifetime! So glad you got to experience the wonderful world of Disney.

  2. Teresa says:

    What a great looking time! My husband and I don’t have any kids yet but we’re already laughing (or trying to laugh anyway) about when we do and have to shell out a small fortune for them to whine and complain about having to walk around huge theme parks. Oh well, the looks on their faces will make up for it I’m sure!

  3. hollykaann says:

    Wow, what fun! We have not been to Disney Land, but we have done Disney World, The Magical Kingdom- also in one day. Truly the most magical place on earth. Spent a fortune- we had 5 kids and 2 adults, but have never regretted one penny.

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