An amazing LA Wedding.

Almost a week has passed since we were at the fanciest wedding I have ever been at, and probably ever will be at. My husband’s little brother gave me a wonderful new sister in law, and we are all very happy for them!

They had chosen an absolutely amazing location for their wedding. It was held at the Bel Air Bay Club in LA, and this is what it looked like as they were setting up:


Aren’t those flowers just absolutely beautiful?? I LOVE the combinations and the colors! And what about the view?? Could not have been any better! And it turned out a perfect day as well!

Our little princess got to be a flower-girl at the wedding, – which she of course totally LOVED!

flower girl

Isn’t she pretty?

flower girl

And she can even hold her flowers with her foot….

flower girl

Here she is together with her brother. who was a ring bearer at the wedding. He LOVED both his role and his outfit for the day!

wedding kids

And here our family poses with the bride and groom.


The day really could not have been any more beautiful.


Both my brother in law and sister in law are in the food business, so it was no surprise that the food at the wedding was absolutely excellent. Here is a photo of the cake…

wedding cake

Yes, it is real. And, yes, it tasted really, really yummy!! Filled with berries of various kinds. You can see the beautiful tables in the background. (Some of the flowers had not yet been put out, because I took this photo a little early.)

Unfortunately the battery of my phone (/camera) died as we sat down for dinner, so I cannot show you photos of the beautiful plates of salads and fish and everything. Neither do I get to show you photos of the dance-floor, where especially our little prince was very, very active! 🙂 But all of those things are saved in my heart as wonderful memories.

flowersAgain, – we rejoice with the bride and the groom, and wish them a wonderful life together!!!


4 thoughts on “An amazing LA Wedding.

  1. Franziska says:

    Dear Te’ena, thank you so very much to share photos and impressions of this obviously wonderful wedding asnd the time you had in LA. I knw Elisha when he was a little boy and stayed at my house. I wish him and his wife all the Lord’s blessings for his future life!

  2. hollykaann says:

    What a beautiful wedding! Such a happy time, I love it.

  3. Paula R. says:

    What a wonderful family celebration! The location and views were just stunning…. The flowers -amazing and the cake… Just beautiful. But my favorite part was seeing the beautiful flower girl and the handsome ring bearer. They look so precious and darling. How wonderful they were able to experience participating in a family wedding. What wonderful memories! How wonderful you get a new sister-in-law, too! I’m so glad you were able to travel to be together with family. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  4. Talia says:

    Oh wow, looks like a beautiful wedding!! That cake looks amazing too!

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