Much To Do in Jerusalem.

There is SO much going on in Jerusalem right now! (*Not that I am surprised, – it is the center of the universe!) On Tuesday night we went out as a family to enjoy some of the fun stuff going on in our city.

book week

It is Hebrew Book Week, and we went to a park practically FULL of book-stands selling books at very reasonable prices. We enjoy going around looking at everything, and of course also choosing some good Summer Reads.

book fair

From there we continued on to The Light Festival that is going on all over the Old City of Jerusalem. The Old City with it’s Jerusalem Stone Walls is beautiful every evening with its lit up walls and everything. But now, with all the added lights and festivities, it was even more impressive!

Jerusalem Light Festival

A highlight was a huge ballerina music box which turned around and changed colors with the light and everything. Impressive!

Jerusalem light festival

There were dolphins flying in the air even!!

Jerusalem Light festival

Oh, beautiful Jerusalem!!! We will miss you! Because, yes, there is a reason we had to do it all in one night. We are going away on a fun summer adventure. While we of course are looking very much forward to it (really, the kids have been counting down days, hours and minutes!!), it is always somewhat hard to leave Jerusalem behind.

Jerusalem light festival


2 thoughts on “Much To Do in Jerusalem.

  1. Franziska says:

    oh hows I wish I could be there now !!!!!

  2. Talia says:

    Oh enjoy your summer adventure, wherever it takes you!!

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