A wise woman builds her home.

Who doesn’t want to be wise, really? I know I do!

According to Proverbs 31, the wisdom of a woman is connected to the building of her home. So that is what I want to spend my life doing, – building my home!

home pillows

When mentioning this to my children the other day, their reaction was that I am good at that… 🙂 Nice! But I actually think their associations to me building my home were most closely knit to painting, sewing and decorating. Possibly also to baking and cooking and that type of stuff. And while all of that really IS important to me, I find much deeper meaning than that in the sentence “A wise woman builds her home”.

A wise woman invests in her home. Her home is a VERY high priority of hers. She wants to focus on important values in her home. She wants to give those values on to her children. Because what is it that our home is doing? It is equipping us to face the challenges of this world. It provides us with a place to rest and just be ourselves. And, -Our home builds the next generation. It influences the future! Talk about one important job for a wise woman!

home terrace

As I build my home, I water my grass, like I wrote about in one of my recent posts.

I am very thankful for my life. For my portion in life. No one has it perfect. Life is no picnic for anyone (although sometimes it comes pretty close!) A lot of wisdom is found in focusing on the half full cup instead of on what is lacking. And really, when we start thinking about it, – we have SO MUCH to be thankful for!

home terrace hammock

I am VERY thankful for my home! For my husband (*Did I tell you he is home from the army?? He is! And I am one happy woman!). I am thankful for my children. For the fact that we get to live our lives in Jerusalem. I am thankful for a meaningful life building this home!


4 thoughts on “A wise woman builds her home.

  1. Talia says:

    Another wonderfully wise post! Something I am particularly passionate about. The other week Luke and I both wrote out and shared some direction that we want our lives/home/lifestyle to take when we get home, and it’s great to be on the same page and have a plan so that we don’t get lost in the day to day life stuff and forget what we’re trying to achieve!

  2. Stine Vikesland says:

    Takk for et kjempeflott innlegg. Du kommer virkelig med kloke ord. Det er en stor og viktig oppgave å bygge sitt hjem, og vi trenger Guds visdom og hjelp for å klare det. Vil også få si at bloggen din er til stor inspirasjon og oppmuntring, og jeg gleder meg til hvert nytt innlegg.

  3. junejoanna says:

    Likte innlegget! Tenkt masse på dette med den vise kvinnen som bygge sitt hjem i det siste (kaanskje fordi eg snart gifte meg..) og like tanken på at hjemmet kan bety så mye og at eg kan tjene Gud gjennom det óg. “Admonish the young women .. to be homemakers” titus 2,4-5:)
    Takk for masse god inspirasjon på bloggen din:)


  4. Paula R. says:

    What an encouraging post! I’ve always thought you were a wonderful example over the years of a true Proverbs 31 woman, Te’ena! You always look well to the ways of your household! How precious your kids thought you have it all right! That’s what matters… Their perception of life through the lens you’ve given them. It’s so important to be thankful, staying positive and viewing the glass as half full.
    Your kids are confident, secure and have a strong spiritual anchor in part because of the atmosphere and haven that you and Seth have created. Kol ha kavod. Sending summer blessings your way.

    By the way… I hope you are going to see the group at some time!

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