Enjoying Jerusalem Life.

When my dear husband left for the army two and a half weeks ago, he told me to enjoy Jerusalem life while he was gone. Well, I am doing my best to do just that. And really, there is much to be enjoyed.

Jerusalem has lots of nice little coffee shops, for example. I went and tried out a new one with a friend. Here is me at Paris! 🙂

Me at Paris

I actually really enjoy my home here in Jerusalem. This time of the year, that pretty much means my terrace.

me on the balcony

I often have my coffee and home made granola out here in the mornings. And, of course, right now I am out here enjoying another beautiful Jerusalem evening, candles lit and everything.

In between making trips around the country to help new immigrants, and selling DVDs, and keeping various meetings here in Jerusalem going, – there is also time for fun mornings with good friends.

Like this breakfast with a dear friend just outside of the Old City Walls, in the beautiful Mamilla Outdoor Mall.

Breakfast at Rimon

Or, this breakfast with another dear friend back on my own terrace again.

breakfast on the terrace

And the afternoons have been spent with my dear children, in a bit of a temporary single parenthood situation, as my husband is watching over our northern border. So, I get to do all the meals, homework-help, taking to afternoon activities, reading with, putting to bed, getting out of bed etc. etc.

How much FUN wasn’t it then when abba all of a sudden showed up in the middle of baseball practice last week, – he had gotten the evening off to come see his family!!

soldier abba coming to baseballThe children and I are enjoying Jerusalem Life. Most of the days. There are good days, and there are not so good days. Yesterday was one of those with very clear ups and downs. So I decided that today I would surprise them with a major UP when I picked them up after school. So I took them straight to a Pizza Picnic at the Jerusalem Promenade.

pizza picnic

It was a real success. They were so thankful! My son says it was the best surprise ever, and that he will remember it for the rest of his life! 🙂 It really was a very sweet time. It doesn’t take all that much.

I also really enjoy just walking the streets of Jerusalem. And what I do even more is running through the streets. What a treat that is!

out on a run

And, I am thankful for the opportunity to pray at various Jerusalem synagogues on Shabbats. Really, there is nowhere like Jerusalem!


One thought on “Enjoying Jerusalem Life.

  1. Paula R. says:

    Oh Te’ena… Jerusalem life is good! I’m glad you stayed busy while Seth was on duty. It helps to stay busy. I’m glad he’s back home now and you are reunited. What a fun surprise to have him show up at practice!
    I’m so glad you have such wonderful friends in your life and that you make time to spend together. The breakfasts shown look amazing!
    All the best.

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