Shavuot, 17th of May and Fun Cousin Times.

Almost a week has passed, and I have taken photos and written blogposts in my head, but none on the blog… We had a lovely Shavuot here in Jerusalem, and we ate plenty of cheesecakes.


And our little gardener even decorated one of the cakes with strawberries from his own “field”! 🙂

decorating with strawberries

This year my brother and his family were visiting for the holiday, and they offered to stay with the kids so my husband and I could go out to hear shiurim (teachings) on leil shavuot together. How nice for us! I think it is always a blessing to be out on the streets of Jerusalem on this special night. To walk along and meet plenty of others out there during hours when most of us normally are fast asleep. Most people dressed in white, all wishing each other Chag Sameah, a Happy Holiday. And the views of Jerusalem are just fantastic! The wall around the old city all lit up, it is just beautiful. I am sooo blessed to get to live my life right here!

The children have been so excited to have two of their Norwegian cousins visiting for the last week or so. Here are the two girls matchingly dressed in white for Shavuot:

Shavuot girlsAnd of course they had to freshen up a bit before the holiday:

little girls manicure session...What do you think of their manicure table…?? Hehe…

little girl's manicure table

The two boys are not as close in age, but they sure had a great time together. The little one looking so much up to the older one, and wanting to do everything he did. And the older one totally loving it!

boys bath time

On the day of Shavuot I had the joy of hanging out with these guys, and as we walked to a neighborhood park, we had a perfect view of the mountains of Moab. What a perfect setting to talk about the story from the book of Ruth! – Naomi and Elimelech left with their two sons from Bethlehem right over there, because there was no rain and hardly any food in the land. They walked all the way to over there, to the mountains that you can see right over there. And so on and so on. Again, – I am soooo blessed to get to raise my children in this place!

table setting for Shavuot

Guess if the four cousins had a great time having their erev Shavuot meal together all of them together on one bench! Very good times indeed!

And a few days later, Friday, the 17th of May we celebrated the Norwegian independence day together. Us Norwegian Jerusalemites were very happy to have other Norwegians to celebrate with, – and our Shabbat table probably looked a lot different than most other Shabbat tables…

17. mai i Jerusalem

We have had such a great time with our guests! Now they have just left, and we are very much missing them already. But we are thankful for lots and lots of wonderful shared memories.


My brother is exceptionally good with children… And they all know how to take advantage of it…!

pool fun

Yeay for family!

happy girls!


5 thoughts on “Shavuot, 17th of May and Fun Cousin Times.

  1. Faster says:

    Så kjekt dokk hadde d! Gler meg med dokk alle! 🙂
    Og gler meg t sommaren….. Kanskje får me oppleva liknande tider her i landet……

    Klem frå faster

  2. Talia says:

    Looks like a great Shavuot! We were a bit limited here with what we could do in Budapest, but it was still fun all the same!
    And Happy Norwegian Independence Day!

  3. Nice photos. Great desserts on Shavuot – go dairy!
    Why do people wear white?
    The story of Ruth is one of my favorites.

  4. Paula R. says:

    Te’ena… So glad you had a wonderful visit with your brother and his children. They are precious. I’m sure your kids were in heaven being with their cousins. I loved the photos of the girls with their pretty braids and polishing their nails. I’m sure Becca loved having her cousin there and doing lots of girlie things! I bet they loved being squished together on that bench for dinner.
    Your cheesecakes looked yummy and your Norwegian desserts and flags were so festive.
    I’m so glad you were able to have a family visit and enjoy another holiday. Cherish the memories. I hope they will carry you through until you see your family again.

  5. Jon Håkon says:

    Takk for et konge opphold – både store og små var strålende fornøyd med turen 😉 Me glede oss t å treffes igjen om ikkje så altfor lenge.

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