Biscuit Cake

Biscuit cake

We are in the Cheese Cake Baking Business over here these days. Shavuot, The Festival of Weeks, starts tomorrow night, and it is traditionally celebrated with a festive dairy meal, – complete with a dessert of yummy cheesecakes. Since many cheesecake get better after a night in the fridge, we made ours today.

I prefer the European cold and unbaked version, while my American better half prefers the New York style baked cheesecake. So I made one of each. 🙂 We will be about fifteen of us around our holiday table, so it is anyway good to have plenty.

Our princess has been talking about wanting to make “ugat biskvitim”, biscuit cake, for a long time already, and I have always replied, – let’s do that for Shavuot. Of course I have to keep my promise, so tonight was the night, – she got to make her biscuit cake.

biscuit cake

deep concentration is always helped by the tongue… 😉

It couldn’t get much easier, really. And I must admit, the cake tastes really good too, – just judging from licking the bowls and such… Here is a quick run through of how you do it. You make a mix of whipped cream, vanilla cream and cream cheese (or a simpler white cheese, like we do in Israel). You dip biscuits in milk to soften them a little bit, and then layer the biscuits and the cream-mixture, starting with biscuits, doing three layers and finishing with cream.

making biscuit  cake

On top most people put grated chocolate, but we happened to have these cute heart shaped thin chocolates, so we decorated with them. (And ideally we should have made it in a square or rectangle pan, but we need that one for the Lasagna we are making tomorrow…)

biscuit cake

MMMMmmmmmmm! We LOVE ugat biskvitim!!!

Mmmmm! Biscuit cake!!

One thought on “Biscuit Cake

  1. Faster says:

    Så nydeleg! Skulle gjerne ha vore på besøk………. Klem frå faster

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