A little gardener…

We are blessed to have a little bit of a garden. It is not big, but by Jerusalem standards it can be called a garden. I am very thankful for this little bit of space where the kids can run and play freely, and we have also had fun with different types of plants and trees.


I grew up on a farm, and my husband grew up eating a lot of homegrown vegetables, but none of us can brag about particularly green thumbs. Still, there is the satisfaction of homegrown local produce, and our little bit of dirt provides an opportunity to at least try that out on a very small level.


Our son has shown an interest in gardening, and has tried out various projects, the last one being strawberries. He earns pocket-money by reading books, and this winter, just before the snow, he spent some of his money buying some strawberry-plants. For months he has been caring for the plants, there were lots of leaves, flowers came and went, but it took a long time for the berries themselves to come around.

eating strawberries

The joy was great the other morning, when he picked his first berries, and shared with everyone in the family. What satisfaction! The work brought fruit! I believe little things like these can play central parts in the process called life. 

strawberry satisfaction


2 thoughts on “A little gardener…

  1. Janne says:

    STAS Jonathan!!! Så flink du er!!! Det såg veldig godt ut. Her på Fogn må vi nok vente en god stund til før jordbærene kommer… Men vi gleder oss til både jordbærene kommer, og til DU og lillesøster kommer!!! Kanskje det blir telttur på oss da..??..?? 🙂
    Hilsen Janne 🙂

  2. Ulli says:

    Wow, Jonathan! I am so impressed. My strawberries from last year did not grow. I guess you have the green thumb of the family!

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