Free IKEA-visit and New Garden-couch.

It has been a while since I last wrote a blog post. Here, anyway. And this is the only blog I have, so the other place I have written blog-posts is in my head. Like, – I was going to write about how much fun one could have without spending any money. Going flower-picking, or rather, picking wild herbs like rosemary or lavender, in our case. Or, going biking, if you already have the bikes, that is. Or just hanging out reading books or playing games. Or going to IKEA.

Fun 2 shekel IKEA ice-creams!

Fun 2 shekel IKEA ice-creams!

Yes, we did that the other day, when we had errands to do around the country, and one of them was something my husband had to do near IKEA, and the kids and I decided to wait for him in the nicely air-conditioned IKEA for about three hours! Without buying anything at all, other than cheap meals for the kids!! They had a GREAT time! We had so much time at every place, the playroom, the movie-place, the shop itself, the restaurant, – everywhere! The children said, – this is so much fun, it is like we LIVE at IKEA! 🙂 And then they asked; – Imma, do we have to pay to get into IKEA??? – No, I answered, – normally we have to pay quite a bit to get OUT… hehe… 😉

watching a movie at IKEA, while eating the ice cream.

watching a movie at IKEA, while enjoying the ice-creams. Nice life.

And, what I have looked forward to showing you is this new garden-couch or bench-thing that I made out of our old baby-bed!

garden couch

I just put it up with only one of the long sides, and the mattress placed high up, painted it white, sewed some new pillow-cases for it, and walla, – I have a whole new look on my terrace!!

my terrace

It made me SO happy, – and the whole thing was totally free! How satisfying! Reusing everything! (*By the way, if you want to do this yourself, also get some type of strengthening for the seating, because of course, most of us are heavier than babies… I found some pieces of wood that others had thrown away, that I just added on top of the support that was already there, and now it is nice and strong.)

The other night, just as we came home from gymnastics and baseball practice, we got some big drops of rain filled with dust, which equals mud, and we quickly brought our “new” garden furniture inside, and found that this garden couch works very well as a bench at the end of our dining room table too! How convenient!

garden couch inside

I even found another good use for the one side-piece of the bed that there was no use for here, but I will show you that in another post. Haven’t painted it white yet. It is such a blessing to be able to renew the look of one’s home by just using what one already has. Really makes me happy!

To be. To be alive. How wonderful!

To be. To be alive. How wonderful!

Summer has most definitely arrived in Israel, and we enjoy beautiful candle-lit evenings outside. Like, right now, I sit here on my new garden-couch. Candles and wine on the table in front of me. Nice Life.


5 thoughts on “Free IKEA-visit and New Garden-couch.

  1. Paula R. says:

    Hi Te’ena…. Good to hear from you again. An IKEA opened here 2 years ago and everyone is crazy about it. The store is about 45 minutes away… So I don’t get down there too often. But what a fun place to hang out!
    I LOVE your repurposed bench and new pillows. What a lovely mirpeset you have! It looks so cozy, comfy and inviting. You did a great job. I would love to hang out on the porch with you all day long. The pillows are darling. So fresh and spring like. I’m a bit envious of your beautiful, bountiful flowers. We had spring like weather here last week-then snow in the middle of the week. We are hesitant to plant anything till after Mother’s Day usually… Which is next week .. Due to potential late-season frosts. Everyone here is so ready for spring and summer! Keep sharing your fun projects!

  2. Talia says:

    Oh how wonderful! Nights on the terrace sound lovely. And the daybed looks divine!!

  3. Marion says:

    You did a beautiful job. Just got our garden furniture out yesterday as it is finally warming up here in Canada.

  4. Els Abbenhuis says:

    well done! love to see your creativity….enjoy the wonderful summer nights!

  5. Gilje Bygg says:

    Hallo Te’ena ,koselikt å lesa bloggen din.nå glede me osse vollsomt te å få komma ner te dette spennande landet ditt å få sjå alt du skrive om.Ser ud så dokke he det varmt å godt.Me he endelikt fått vår i Norge og nå,men lide grønnt på tre og gras føreløpig så det blir nok en store øvegang for osse adle.Då snakkes me om ikkje mange dagane. mvh.Kristin og heile storfamilien Gilje,Østhus og Thorsen.

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